Saturday, 30 January 2016


A few days ago I was catching up on all my favourite blogs when I found this little gem written by Aliah. She wrote a reversed bucket list. Instead of making a list of all the things she wants to do or accomplish in life, she wrote a list of all the amazing things she'd already done. 

I think this is such a brilliant idea and it encourages us to live more in the moment and to appreciate what we have been lucky enough to experience - something I rarely remember to do. Hence, here are 25 things I have done in the last 20 years. 

1. Graduated from high school.
2. Travelled to South America.
3. Moved out.
4. Started a blog.
5. Gone on holiday with friends
6. Eaten pizza in Italy, several times.
7. Finished two years of university.
8. Read all the Harry Potter books.
9. Met someone famous.
10. Been to a One Direction concert (no shame).
11. Learnt four languages.
12. Lived in my favourite city.
13. Learnt to play the piano.
14. Walked under the snow.
15. Been to a world premiere of one of my favourite movies.
16. Visited Disneyland and loved every minute of it.
17. Eaten macaroons in Paris.
18. Lived in two different centuries.
19. Seen the Mona Lisa at the Louvre
20. Eaten chocolate in Belgium.
21. Found out who A was (or so we believe, but who knows).
22. Gone skiing and didn't break anything.
23. Swam with fishes

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Thursday, 28 January 2016


Who doesn't like a good old haul? For some strange reason, I really enjoy watching or reading what other people have been buying recently. If you ask me, it's a bit strange how we sit down and watch a random girl show us what she's bought. Nevertheless, we like it so who cares. 

Over the last few weeks I've acquired quite a lot of new stuff because it's been Christmas, my birthday, the Three Kings and because whenever I go home and see the prices in Zara there, compared to the ones in London, I think I'm suddenly rich. Also, I seem to have a tendency to wear my favourite clothes so often that they literally break apart and need to get new things. Somehow, I managed to break my black jeans in less than 4 months. I deserve an award. 

Let's start with Christmas. I never really ask for anything anymore, but my mom always manages to surprise me and get me exactly what I wanted. This year I got the perfume I've been wanting for over a year - Chanel Chance Eau de Vive - and a black Longchamp tote bag. I also got a pyjama from Victoria's Secret -which makes me feel like like a VS angel - and a moisturiser also from Victoria's Secret. Technically, I also got the BalmainxH&M green suede clutch even though I bought that myself but I got it from the Spanish website since the English one was down the whole day when the collection launched. 

For my birthday I got the most amazing pair of camel booties. I feel like Harry Styles when I'm wearing them and they make any outfit look classy and bomb af. They are from Massimo Dutti and they are the love of my life.

When I was at home I bought some stuff from Zara, Mango and all these stores that are significantly cheaper in Spain. I bought a really cool pair of ripped denim jeans from Mango, a big white/beige super warm jumper -best purchase ever, specially now that it's absolutely freezing in London- and I also stole my mom's boots, which I think are from Mango. 

Also, everyone seems to know how obsessed I am with fluffy keychains so I got two, one for my birthday and one for Christmas. Unfortunately, the one from Fendi are £400 and, let's be real, who's going to pay that much for a keychain? Mine are both a bit less high end but equally fluffy and beautiful. The green one is from Pull&Bear and the pink one from H&M.

Finally, I stole my sister's Adidas Superstar and they are now my most worn pair of shoes.

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Monday, 25 January 2016


Is it too early to start thinking about spring? Probably. It's not even February, the sky is grey and I'm wearing a thick wool jumper and boots. However, this won't stop me from dreaming about sunny warm days walking around London without a coat covering my splendid outfit that I've definitely spent too much time planning. 

As it's obviously too early to start wearing thinner clothes -thats is, unless you want your lips to turn blue or get something more than a cold- I thought I would do a wishlist featuring some of my favourite pieces of clothing for this upcoming season. 

All of these clothes are from a website I recently came across called Dresslink*. They have such a wide variety of styles that it's honestly impossible not to find something you love. Their prices are remarkably cheap - who can say no to a LDB for less than £3?! - and the quality is outstanding. If you're on a budget, or if you're just tired of spending too much money on clothes, you should definitely check them out! 

Sunflower Playsuit (£3.59) Clutch (£2.46) / V-Neck Backless Black Dress (£1.15) / Skinny Ripped Jeans Denim (£5.40) / Suede Jacket (£6.50) ) / White Striped Jumper (£3.52) 

Did you know about Dresslink? Are you excited for spring?

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Let’s start this post with a statement: I love snow. I hate it when it’s cold, it rains or it hails. But I’m that person who get excited when the weather app says it’s going to snow in a few days. I’m also that person that on said day will be looking out the window every 5 minutes to see if it’s finally snowing. And I’m also that person who is really sad and disappointed when it’s the end of the day and snow is nowhere to be seen.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I live in the UK where it’s rather warm for January and very far away from storm Jonas, which has hit cities like New York, Boston and Washington amongst others. That, however, doesn’t stop me from spending a bit too much time on Instagram and other platforms looking at pictures of white cities and several centimetres of snow. 

In an attempt to make my ‘waste’ of time somewhat productive, I put together my favourite pictures of the blizzard to share with you all. Obviously, none of these pictures were taken by me.

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Thursday, 21 January 2016


Two years ago today I had just sent all my UCAS applications and was anxious to hear back from my chosen universities. In all honesty, I didn't have high expectations. Having gone to a public Spanish high school, I thought that top universities from the UK wouldn't even consider me but you never know if you don't try. Turns out, I got offers from all of them (go me). 

However, to get the offer from my first choice, I had to fly to London to be interviewed. Needless to say, when I found out, I freaked out a bit. I had never been interviewed in my life before, let alone being interviewed about chemistry in English - bear in mind that back then, even though I could speak English, I had no idea how to talk about chemistry in English. Not only that, but I happened to have my interview on a week I had 4 exams, two of which I had to re-schedule so that I could attend my interview. As you can see, the conditions were far from ideal. 

I remember being quite chilled the day of the interview, mainly because I didn't really know how important it was. I read over some of my chemistry notes the day before and made sure to learn some of the elements and main chemical compounds names in English - even though I failed miserably when I had to say hydrochloric acid, instead I said chloridric acid (which doesn't even exist). Other than that, though, I didn't really do anything in preparation for it - something I deeply regretted after.

I was interviewed by a woman and a man who, to my surprise, were quite nice and friendly. Something quite funny happened though: the man's stomach wouldn't stop rumbling. It was so hard to control myself and not burst out laughing. 

Most of the questions were about things I hadn't done in school before, but they kind of guided me and helped me get to the answer. I've heard that the actual aim of those interviews is to see how you think and how you deal with something you've never seen before. I'm not sure if that was the case for me or if I just hadn't covered that stuff due to the different education system we have in Spain. Either way, the interviewers were really helpful and didn't make me feel too nervous.

Despite the fact I was told most people who get an interview get an offer, when I left the interview room I remember thinking 'there's no way I get a place'. I was so underprepared compared to everyone else. I felt a bit bad because it was my fault for not taking it more seriously. 

Fast forward one or two weeks and I get an e-mail from UCAS saying there's been an update in my application. I got a conditional offer, I think I almost cried. Never in a million years I would have thought I would be accepted, it was literally my childhood dream come true (yes, my childhood dream was to go to a top university. I was a weird child okay?). 

I know some of you may be going to university next year and might be having interviews really soon. I decided to write this post in an attempt to let you know that a) Not knowing all the answers doesn't mean anything and b) it doesn't matter how bad you think your interview's gone, there's always hope. If you're applying to university, I wish you all the luck!! 
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Monday, 18 January 2016


After finishing my exams I literally went from being at home 24/7 to only going home to sleep. It was great, if you ask me. Yesterday, Kate and I decided to be wild and go to Richmond Park to try and spot Bambi. We not only found many Bambis but we also found some snow! I felt like I was in the North Pole and I was ready to run into Santa Claus wandering around singing Christmas songs. 

Unfortunately, we didn't run into him, but we did manage to find some pretty amazing views and spent the day surrounded by nature instead of skyscrapers, breathing in fresh -somewhat uncontaminated- air.

Later, we decided we had had enough of the cold and went to find a restaurant to have something to eat. We also stumbled upon a store that sold the best truffles and chocolate I've had in a while, I wish I remembered the name but I don't. All I can tell you is that it was in George Street in Richmond. 

Despite the fact that I was so cold I couldn't feel my feet, I had a great time pretending to be Dora the Explorer and seeing real reindeers for the first time in my life. 









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Friday, 15 January 2016

MY 2016 SO FAR


EXAMS ARE OVER! YAS! Yesterday, I took my last final and let me tell you something, freedom feels amazing. And with freedom comes time to blog so that makes it extra amazing. I've barely posted anything since Christmas so I thought it would be cool to do a post on how my 2016 is going so far.

I started the year with my friends and family so that was a pretty good start, it was probably one of my best NYEs. My friends and I decided to stay in our town instead of paying like 50€ to go to a random club and it was honestly the best idea we ever had. It was not only infinitely cheaper but so much more fun and we didn't have to rush pre drinks or anything. This way, I also got to spend more time with my friends and do stupid things with them which involved running around the house trying to find the best lightning for a selfie - Instagram game on point.

That was my first night out of 2016 and also my last one so far. After NYE I went all anti-social and revised like there was no tomorrow for my finals - if it doesn't pay off I'm suing my university for stealing my precious time with my friends and family.

In spite of the piles and piles of lecture notes I had to learn I managed to squeeze in a day or two of shopping and messing around in the city and took some pictures, as per usual. 









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Friday, 8 January 2016


Recently, I chopped off my long hair and, as per usual, my hairdresser cut my hair shorter than I wanted it. That was when I started straightening my hair more often to try and make it look somewhat decent.

The amazing people at Irresistible Me recently sent me the Diamond Professional Styling Iron*. The timing was perfect and it arrived on my birthday which was so cute. I immediately decided to give it a try and see how well it worked. I was impressed, to say the least.

It heats up in literally seconds and it stays hot all the way through - unlike my old one which took a few minutes to heat and it would start cooling down as I was using it. Not only that but it leaves my hair super soft and feeling like silk and, let me tell you, my hair is not even remotely close to resembling silk. It does all that thanks to the diamond particles with tourmaline that coat the ceramic plates, this keeps all the natural oils, colour and moisture of your hair in and protects it.

Something else that impressed me is how perfect and shiny my hair still looked the following day, after a whole night of dancing and running around - it was NYE so, as expected, it was a messy one. If my hair survived NYE, it will survive anything.

You can also select there desired temperature depending on how thick or think you hair is and it has a LED display that shows the current temperature. Moreover, it has an auto shut-off feature which is really good because it wouldn’t be the first time I leave home and leave something on, it’s nice to know I won’t be burning my apartment down. 

Now onto the less important feature, yet my favourite: the packaging. It is absolutely beautiful and gorgeous, the black box looks so simple yet elegant. It looks quite sturdy and hard to it’s good to keep the styling iron in so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Overall, I'm really pleased with this product and I would definitely recommend it! 

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review but all my opinions are honest.


Saturday, 2 January 2016


How many people have 'get fit/eat healthy' on their 2016 resolutions? Let me see those hands. Well, I'm here to  help. 

Lately, I've been obsessed with smoothies. I'm not joking when I say I drink like three of them a day. My diet right now consists of smoothies and hot chocolate, it's all about that balance guys.  I've tried several different combinations of my favourite fruits and I've got some pretty tasty results so I thought I would share my favourites with you. I haven't quite mastered the measurements yet and I always make more than I'm planning but these recipes should give you about two servings. 

And yes, I gave them weird random names. Don't judge me.

Tropical Dream

  • Half a frozen mango
  • Two slices of pineapple
  • Half a banana
  • Coconut milk (add more or less depending on how thick you want your smoothie to be)

Berry Christmas

  • A handful of frozen berries
  • One clementine
  • Half a banana
  • Optional: milk/water if you want a runnier consistency


  • 2-3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt
  • A handful of frozen berries
  • Half an apple
  • Optional: milk/water

What are your favourite smoothies?

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Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy new year everyone! I know I've not been posting much lately but I'm currently revising for my January exams and whenever I have some free time I just want to sleep and drink hot chocolate. So I should start posting more often once I finish my exams, i.e. mid-January.

Anyway, I hope 2015 was a great year for you, and that you were the happiest you could be surrounded by amazing people. I wish you all the best for 2016, and may all your wishes and resolutions come true. Enjoy what you have and try to be grateful for the wonderful things we get to experience in this life, as the kids say YOLO.  

Now, let's all run to the gym to try and burn all the calories we indulged on during the holidays in a failed attempt to look like Alessanda Ambrosio. HAPPY 2016!!

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