Saturday, 26 December 2015


Please someone tell me I'm not the only person who can spend a good 30min editing an Instagram picture. I enjoy editing them way too much, but I guess I could enjoy worse things. Now that many of us are on winter break and have a lot of time in our hands, we might (emphasis on 'might') go out, do fun things and take pictures - to Instagram of course, because what would you take pictures for otherwise? So I thought I would share with you how I like to edit my pictures. 

I always try to do be creative -and by creative I mean using HB1 instead of HB2 on VSCOcam. However, I usually end up doing the same process because I'm too scared of breaking my non-existent theme. My favourite app to use is VSCOcam, which is available on the App Store and Play Store for free. It's honestly the best editing app I've ever used, even better than paid ones. 

So, the first thing I do is, obviously, take a super artsy picture and open it with VSCOcam. I then play a bit with the filters and after trying 100 ones I ALWAYS end up using either HB2 (which doesn't come with the app but you can download it for free from the store). Then I increase the brightness to +2/+4 and increase the contrast +1. If I took the picture with my phone I'll increase the sharpness to around +3 to make the photo more defined. I also like to decrease the temperature by 1 or 2 so that all my photos have a bit of a blue tone.

I then open them on Instagram and increase the brightness slightly a tiny bit before writing a lame caption and publishing it. 

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