Friday, 4 December 2015


I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22 to me the holiday season means there will be plenty of tempting, mouth-watering, delicious food everywhere. Unfortunately, all my self-control drops down to 0 whenever I see any kind of pie, cake or just dessert in general. Therefore, I like to be prepared for the food feast I KNOW I'll be having. Most people start working out and eating healthy after Christmas. I'm special and start doing so before Christmas.

Is there anything better than guilt-free cake? I don't think so. Do you want guilt-free cake? Let me tell you how to get it. 

You can stop eating a week before the holidays and yes, you will loose weight, but you'll probably put everything back on and more (plus, you NEED to eat). Or, you can burn calories whilst sitting on the sofa watching TV. And yes, I mean that literally. 

It's been proven that if you have more muscle mass your body will automatically burn more calories. So let's say you start working out and get fitter, you'll burn more calories even when you're sleeping, watching movies, etc. Isn't that amazing? I think it is. Before the holiday season, instead of going on a crazy diet (can't say no to pizza) or being a cardio goddess every day, I prefer to do something like pilates. It does not only get me toned, which is great, but it also gets me ready for all the yummy cakes I'll be eating in a few weeks. Cannot wait, the excitement is too much. 

This was a really random post and most of you might be like 'wtf is that'. I know, I know, but I just felt like writing it so I'm sorry but you'll have to deal with my weirdness. 

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