Saturday, 7 November 2015


For most people, school comes with a little present: stress. Having exams, deadlines, early mornings, late nights, etc can build up and cause a lot of stress. I'm a really organised person and I usually start projects way in advance, meaning I barely ever find myself drinking too much caffeine and working on a project the night before it's due. However, as third year's started, so has the stress.  My schedule is insane, some would even say inhuman, starting at 9 or 10 in the morning and not getting home until 6 at night. Obviously, once I'm a home, it's time to do some more uni work: go over lectures, prepare for labs, write lab reports, study for exams and on top of that we're meant to find time to apply for internships or grad schemes.  SUCH.A.FUN.LIFE

I like having a bit of a stressful life as it gets me going and stops me from staying all day in bed watching movies, I am considerably more efficient when I'm under some stress. Nevertheless, I don't like being stressed all the time, I like having things somewhat in control which is not how I feel like when I'm going mad about an upcoming deadline. Thus, I've developed what I like to call 'de-stressing techniques'. They're basically little things I like to do when I feel like the stress is building up too fast. 

GO OUT || And I don't mean go clubbing, get drunk, be hangover and waste a whole day in bed with the curtains shut. I mean go out for a nice meal with your friends, or even for drinks (only a few though) if you want. It will be good to stop worrying about everything you have to do and will clear your mind a bit. 

EXERCISE || Whenever we have too many things to do it's easy to forget about working out regularly. If you feel like you can't concentrate anymore and like you need a break, try going for a quick run or even do some 'at home workout'.

HAVE A BATH/LONG SHOWER || Unlike 90% of the female population, I am usually quite quick in the shower. But when I'm having a stressful day I like to spend some extra time under the hot water and not think about anything at all.

ONLINE SHOPPING || We are all guilty of that, mainly now that online shopping is so easy. I mean, if you don't hand in your debit card, then whatever you're buying is pretty much free, right? It just feels really good to buy new stuff I don't need and, for some reason, it makes my crappy stressful day somewhat better. 

CLEANING MY ROOM || and sometimes even the whole house. Whenever I have deadlines coming up and feel stressed I clean my whole room as if my life depended on it. Having a perfectly clean and organised room makes me feel like I have my shit together. 

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