Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Hello! I haven't talked about the things I've been loving for a few months now so I thought it was about time I shared with you all my recent favourites. I've not been shopping a lot lately, but I moved back to London and rediscovered things I forgot I had and became obsessed with some of them. Here's what I've been loving.

EOS lip balmI've heard people rave about them for years but I never bought one, I couldn't justify the price and I had more than enough lip balms. A few weeks ago a friend of mine went to America and bought this one for me. Whilst it's not the most hydrating lip balm I own, it does smell absolutely amazing, it doesn't stand on my lips for ages and it's really easy to apply. 

Maybelline's Dream Touch Blush. I bought this over a year ago but after using it a few times I decided I had no idea how to apply it and it was way too messy. I recently started using it again and, even though it's still a bit messy since my fingers are left with a pink stain (easily removed with some soap),  I think I've figured out how to apply it. The color is lovely and very natural-looking, it has some shimmer so it also adds some much needed glow to my face. 

QUAY sunglasses. Now that I'm back in rainy England I don't really need these anymore, but they've been my babies all summer. I find it hard to find sunnies that I really like and fit me, they're usually too small, too big, too round, too square... Basically, I'm really picky. When I saw these I fell in love and, even though they're not the cheapest, they were definitely worth my money! 

Corn flakes. I love cereal, any kinf: granola, chocolatey, sugary, you name it. For the past few months I had been eating my all time favourite cereal: All-bran Chocolate Wheats (you MUST try them, seriously) but I can't find them anywhere in London - next time I'll bring a few boxes from Spain. I recently picked up the Crunchy Nut cereal from Tesco and I was not expecting to like them so much. I had had them before and I knew they were alright, but oh man they are more than alright. I can't stop eating them, send help please. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte. Soz for being such a white girl. In my defense, I'll say I used to hate PSL, I got it once two years ago and after a few sips I threw it away. It was disgusting. A few days ago I tried the new recipe and it's now one of my favourite Starbucks' drink - together with the Eggnog Latte and Hazelnut Latte. If it had less calories it would be my go-to order.

Scented Candles. This is one of my favourites all year round, but specially during the autumn time. I love getting warm and sweet scents and light them up at night whilst watching  a movie or reading a book. I recently bought this berry scented candle from Ikea for 85p and now I know why it's so cheap, it doesn't really smell when you burn it so not buying it again. I love Yankee Candles, they are a bit pricier but smell amazing and last for ages! 

These are all the things I've been loving recently, what have you been loving?

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