Friday, 30 October 2015


If you've been following my blog for a while you might remember I did a style crush post on Kendall like over a year ago. Well, I still love her style and she's honestly my queen. I want to be her. I love that she -unlike all of her sisters- doesn't wear too much make up on a daily basis and seems more grounded than the others as well. 

Her tomboy yet feminine style is what my wardrobe would look like if I could afford it - one of her outfits probably costs more than a whole year of tuition fees- but a girl can dream, right? She ALWAYS looks good, whether she's just going to get some take out with the squad (goals) or she's going to a red carpet. She manages to pull off the 'I woke up like this' look like no one else does, not even BeyoncĂ© (soz). 

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Is it just me or finding the right foundation shade is trickier than it seems? I currently own three different shades of the same foundation and I still have to mix them all up to get my exact color. In order to stop playing with my foundations every morning at 7AM I decided to go to this marvellous world called the Internet to find how to choose the right shade and share what I found with you guys.

Undertones, they are your life saviours in this department. I'm sure you've seen this word come up many times online and you probably know what they are. In case you don't, we all have undertones - we're either warm, cool or neutral. The real question is, how do I know what undertone I am? Look at the colour of your wrists' veins. If they are green/olive your undertone is warm, if they are blue your undertone is cool and if you've got both then your undertone is neutral. 

Another way of telling which undertone you are is using jewellery. If gold jewelry suits you, you've got a warm undertone. If, on the other hand, silver looks better on you, you've got cool undertones. And if you're lucky enough to have both suit you, you're neutral. 

Now that you know your undertone you know what kind of shade to go for, roughly. Either one with a blue and rosier base (for cool undertones), one with a more yellow base (for warm undertones) or any if you're neutral!

So I go to the store and find a foundation with warm undertones (in my case), and it turns out there's like a bazillion different shades, ones slightly darker than others. And, according to an unknown source, trying foundations on the hand doesn't do the trick (now I know why I have so many foundations that are the wrong colour). Instead, try putting some foundation on the back of the jawline and see if it blends in with your skin.  If it does, then the foundation is probably going to be the right shade for you. Something else I recommend it taking samples. I don't think you can get samples from drugstore foundations, but if you use MAC or a more high-end brand then ask them to give you a sample. That's what I always do now. I like trying the foundation on my whole face and seeing how it looks in different lightnings! 

If you're really struggling to find the right shade, I would suggest going into a MAC store and asking one of the makeup artists to tell you your shade. Write it down and if you don't want to buy a MAC foundation just google some dupes or similar foundations! 
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Sunday, 25 October 2015


If you have any Sunday plan that is better than brunch -involving red velvet pancakes- and staring at beautiful handbags then please do let me know. Anyway, that's how I spent my last Sunday. We went to have brunch at The Diner in Soho. The food was really good, even though the red velvet pancakes were a bit of a disappointment. I had been there before for dinner and I definitely think their dinner food is much better!  After stuffing our faces with food, we went to the LV exhibition at The Strand. We had booked our tickets online, but since it was the last day of the exhibition -we're so last minute, I know-  we had to queue up for a bit. Nothing unbearable though. 

The exhibition was great and we got to see how they make some of the bags, which was really cool. It was really tempting to grab one of the bags and run, but we managed to behave. Most of the rooms were just a display of Louis Vuitton's bags, clothes and shoes. One of the rooms had loads of screens, showing various looks from previous fashion shows; another room had mannequin wearing bags and different accessories. According to a tour guide 'it was the most instagrammable room in the building'. Not going to argue with that. We also got to touch some of the clothes, which made me really stupidly excited and happy. I'm like a child when I'm around pretty expensive things. The best thing, though, was getting free stickers and a poster. Who doesn't love freebies? Plus, now I can say I own something from Louis Vuitton...

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Friday, 23 October 2015


I come from the smallest little town in Spain, like a really really really tiny town. Moving to such a big city like London was a big deal for me. Suddenly, I didn't know the people I saw in the streets - I didn't even know my own neighbours! -, there were so many events going on around me, so many new things to experience. I must admit it was a bit overwhelming at first, but I've survived and I'm still here. This amazing city has taught me quite a few things, despite the fact that I've only been here for a bit more than two years. 

1. Tourists are annoying. I was once a tourist in London and I am still a tourist every time I travel, but some tourists can be pretty annoying. To begin with, STAND ON THE RIGHT, there are signs everywhere - it's not that hard. Also, please stop walking so slowly when you're in the middle of a busy road. 

2. The tube is the best and worst thing you'll ever encounter. On one hand, it is a magical thing that takes you wherever you want to go in a reasonable amount of time. On the other hand, it is so expensive I might as well just take an uber and avoid running into creepy people whilst having no signal on my phone. 

3. A £10 burger is cheap and you shouldn't complain. Spain is a relatively cheap country compared to London and the exchange rate makes it even cheaper. When I first came here I was a bit shocked by some prices. Eating out for less than £10 is literally impossible -unless you go to MacDonald's - and don't be surprised when they charge you £15 for a drink. 

4. Living in a nice apartment is a luxury you shouldn't take for granted. Whilst I don't live in a palace back at home, I do have quite a nice house with a decent-sized bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. If you want something like that in Central London, you could easily pay £300 per week plus bills. Is it outrageous? Yes, it is. 

5. Weekends were made for brunch. I would be lying if I said that brunch isn't the main thing I get excited about every time I come back to London.  Unless it is Madrid or Barcelona, most places in Spain haven't quite realized how freaking amazing brunch is so it's still not a thing there. Coming back to London means I could literally go to brunch every single day to a different place, that is, if my bank account allowed me to. 

6. It is possible to have fun for free. London is indeed one of the most expensive cities I've ver been to. However, it offer plenty of stuff to do for free. To begin with, all the museums here have free entry. There are also many nice parks that are absolutely lovely during autumn and spring, there are many places with stunning views of the city and, let's be honest, just walking down Regent Street salivating over the MK bags and Burberry coats is fun.

7. People are rude. I feel like this is something that happens mainly in big cities like London. I don't exactly know why, though. Could be the lack of sun (many English people are actually OBSESSED with the sun), the constant stress of the city or maybe the fact that people are alienated from each other. Back at home, I know/know of most people in my town so I don't want to be rude to them, but because here you'll probably never see that person ever again, you don't give a shit about what you say/do.
8. You do you. Do whatever you want, wear whatever you want. This is what London is for.  There are so many different types of people with so many different backgrounds and lives that it is impossible to 'fit in'. 

9. Be active. It is really easy to stay at home in bed watching movies and doing nothing. Whilst I do enjoy doing that every once in a while, London is a city with so many opportunities that I would be stupid if I didn't take advantage of them. So go out and experience new things.

10. There's no place like home. I love London, I really do, but home will always be home. Going back means not having to be alert 24/7, not having to remember to do your laundry or to pay the bills and getting to eat nice homemade food every day. It's nice being able to relax for a while and change this fast-paced city for a small quiet town.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015


I've been living in London for two years and I barely ever get out of Zone 1, so I needed to change that. There are so many cool places to go that are only some tube stations away, I don't even have a valid excuse as to why I have never been to any of those. Anyway, the thing is some days ago I decided to explore London and went to Forest Hill - Zone 3 guys, Zone 3... be proud.

The park was a bit small -compared to Hyde Park everything's small- but absolutely stunning. It was the kind of autumnal park that you see in movies, with all the beautiful colors and spectacular views. There's also a museum and a cafe so you can sit down a have a coffee whilst you admire the wilderness. There's not much to say about the park, it was simply gorgeous and I would totally recommend you to go if you live in the London area. 

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Monday, 19 October 2015


Who doesn't like shopping? If you can actually control yourself when you're in you favourite store please share your secret with me, my bank account will be forever grateful. I love creating new outfits with my most recent purchases and don't even get me started on the feeling of putting on new, soft and perfect-looking clothes that have never been worn before. Something I don't quite like about shopping though is queuing up for ages and having to deal with busy stores - I ain't got time for that, people. God bless whoever invented online shopping, it's not only my number one form of procrastination but it's also the reason I am fully dressed with decent clothes every morning. In case you want to step up your game in online shopping, here are my favourite stores. 

1. MISSGUIDED. Every time I go onto their website I think of Kim Kardashian. The general style of their clothes is definitely Kardashiany  (new word for you, folks) and very trendy. Also, it's on the cheaper side so it's a win-win.

2. LOCAL HEROES. This store is the definition of hipster. They have the coolest and most badass sweatshirts and their iPhone cases are perfection.

3. BORN. This is supposed to be a men's store but who cares. Men's hoodies are so much more comfortable and warm than women's and they look pretty much the same, I don't know about you but I don't like to be cold. Plus, you can pretend it's your super hot (non-existent) boyfriend's. Something I love about this store is that all their items are made in the UK! 

4. PRETTY LITTLE THING. This store has a similar style to Missguided but it's a bit cheaper, which is probably why I love it so much. This is the place to go if you want cheap expensive-looking fancy outfits.

5. TOBI. They have new clothes every single day!! How freaking amazing (and dangerous) is that?! The clothes are on the more basic side but always with a really cool twist like some lace detail, cutouts, etc. It's the kind of clothes a model off-duty would wear, probably.

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Saturday, 17 October 2015


Whilst most people went back to school like a month ago, I only started last Monday. Thus the lack of school-related posts. When everyone is in the back to school mood I’m like ‘let’s go to the beach and get drunk’. I feel like it would be a bit pointless to do a ‘back to school post’ now since it wouldn’t be too relatable. However, it’s always the right time to do a ‘what’s in my bag’ post, amirite? I decided to this now, before my school bag gets full of crap (which is going to be really soon).

My bag is this black tote from H&M. It was quite cheap (around £30) and it's massive so I can keep everything I need - the only issue is that my arms are not too strong so sometimes it's a real struggle to walk to uni and back. Nevertheless, I absolutely love this bag, especially the gold details on the sides. 

Let’s start with the boring stuff. I have my lab book to keep all the data from my experiments, a refill pad to write my notes, my laptop (not in the picture, I was listening to music sorry) and a book from the library that explains the theory behind the experiment I am currently doing. In case you are curious and have no idea what smectic liquid crystals are, I’m sorry but neither do I YET. Ask me in a few days and maybe I can help you.

I also have my agenda where I literally write every single thing I have to do, otherwise I’ll forget. Plus, I like crossing things off - it makes me feel accomplished. Then we have my pencil case, where I keep all my pens and pencils (shocker!). I’m not a big fan of it since I don’t really like dogs (what kind of person am I?!) but I can’t be bothered to buy another one and it does the job. 

Something else I always have with me is my purse, where I keep my IDs and my cards so that I can buy food and I’m not starving all day. I also keep a bottle of water because I am trying to drink more water and I do actually get thirsty sometimes - not often enough though. 

Lastly, I have my EOS lip balm, hand sanitiser and a portable charger -shoutout to my friend who lent it to me. Sometime I also have a roll-on perfume because, you know, gotta smell nice and fresh!

What's in YOUR bag?

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Thursday, 15 October 2015


I'm quite a skeptical person - I don't believe in destiny, any kind of God and astrology. According to Wikipedia: 'Astrology consists of several pseudoscientific systems of divination based on the premise that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world'. Whilst I think it would be somewhat interesting that this was true and I think the idea behind it is really beautiful, I don't believe in astrology and horoscopes. Here's why.

There are plenty of experiments out there both for and against this practice. Which ones are right and wrong, I don't know, that's for you to decide. The main reason why I ‘chose’ not to believe in astrology was the fact that, believing in it, would make me not a 100% responsible for my actions and achievements. I didn’t want the explanation of my good grade on a final to be that two planets happened to be aligned that day, the same way I didn’t want to be able to justify my mistakes using the sun’s position when I was born. I wanted to believe that whatever happened in my life, both good and bad, was the result of what I had decided to do in the past. As easy as it may be to be able to blame my bad decisions on something that's out of my reach, I rather be accountable for my actions and learn from them. 

For example, when mercury being in retrograde is a phenomenon that has been associated with slightly bad things happening like missing an appointment, loosing something, etc. Am I really going to stop doing what I want to do because of how a planet is moving? It sounds a bit crazy, if you ask me. The funny thing is,  Mercury’s retrograde is an illusion, the planet doesn’t really go backwards. Its rotation speed slows down and gives the appearance to be going backwards. 

Something else I didn’t like about astrology was ‘being told’ who I should be friends with/date. I’m a Capricorn so, theoretically, I should be friends with Virgos and Taurus because apparently ‘I require confident-level trust in my friends’. I want to be friends with whoever I please and not be asking around what sign they are to find out whether we are compatible or not. I clearly don't like being told what to do... 

I personally don’t see the logic in it, I could obviously be wrong and someone someday might prove that astrology is in fact not a made up thing and that it’s actually capable of explaining things and predicting the future. Until that happens, though, I’m going to keep reading my horoscope from time to time just for the fun of it and be surprised when it's actually right. . 

I do understand that some people believe in it and I totally respect that. I just thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts on that topic since it seems to be quite trendy at the moment. 

Do you believe in astrology, why?

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015


close up autumn haul

auutmn haul

jumpers autumn haul

A few things have happened recently that have led me to purchase things that maybe weren't 100% essential. It's totally not my fault. First of all, I moved into a new apartment so excuse number 1: I need stuff to decorate my room and make it more cosy. Then there was the student lock in at Westfield. Living dangerously close to the shopping center, I HAD to go and take advantage of all the discounts. So there's excuse number 2. Finally, I went back to Westfield a few days later to buy a present for a friend and accidentally walked into Urban Outfitters and went to the sale section. Excuse number 3: who can say no to discounted candles and cute glasses. Certainly not me. 

In an attempt to justify spending all this money I thought I would do a haul because that's what people do, right?

Flamingo Candle Oriental Lotus & Rose Otto. This was on sale for £6 which is really cheap for a scented candle that actually smells. Plus, it's really cute and you get a jar once the wax is all melted. It smells really fresh and sweet, even though I wouldn't say it smells like rose. Originally, it was £15 and I don't think I would pay that much for it as I can get a Yankee Candle for cheaper, but if you ever find it on sale I would totally recommend it. 

Diamond Drinking Jar. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to get it. I'm aware I don't drink enough water, not even close, so I thought that maybe getting this super cute jar would make me drink more. So far, it's been working. I'll keep you updated. 

Fake Plant. My idea was to get little cacti for my room but when I went to IKEA they were sold out - apparently people love cacti now. Instead of getting a real plant I decided to get this fake one for two reasons 1) there's no way it's going to die 2) it was actually prettier than the other real plants.

Nivea Lip Balm. Last winter I used the Macadamia and Vanilla one, but my sister seems to have a tendency to steal all my lip balms so it is now 'hers'. My lips are already getting really dry so I had to fix that. I love Nivea's lip balms, they are really hydrating and smell amazing!

Rimmel's Super Curler Mascara. After using Benefit's They're Real and Roller Lash mascara for a year now, I had pretty high expectations for a mascara. This mascara, whilst it's considerably cheaper, it doesn't lengthen my mascara as much as I would like it. Nevertheless, it gets the job done and makes my lashes look better.

Pull&Bear Jumper. Recently, I decided to branch out and get a jumper that wasn't black. So I got a grey one - well done me! I might have sticked to the same colour palette but it's definitely a really cool jumper. It has two string on the sides that you can tie at the front (not really well explained... soz) so it gives it a unique twist.

H&M Jumper. H&M doesn't usually have student discount but they had 20%off that day so I had to get something. Right? This time I did branch out a bit and got a light brown jumper - be proud people. It fits me perfectly and it's the perfect length to wear with a shirt underneath.

H&M shirt. I've been wanting to get a striped shirt forever but could never find one that I really liked. This was the first thing I saw when I walked into the store and it was a match made in heaven. I was meant to get that shirt, it was made specially for me. I would wear it every day if I could. It's so flowy and soft and pretty.

And that's it for my little haul, what have you been buying recently?

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