Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Hello! I'm always down for trying new products and discovering new things which is why I  love favourite posts. It's the perfect way to discover new products other people love and highly recommend, this being make-up products, clothes, food or any other random items. So, without further ado, here are my favourites. 

Body Cream | Going to the beach and laying under the sun for hours is fun and gives you a really nice tan to show off, but it also gives you really dry skin you won't want to show off. This is why I've been loving this body cream. It's really thick and moisturising, making my skin really soft and nourished. It's been a life saviour. It's from a Spanish supermarket brand so you can't really get it outside the country, but for those of you who live in Spain, it's the 'Nutritiva Corporal con Aceite de Oliva' from Mercadona. 

L'Occitane's Foot Cream | I love anything from L'Occitane, their products are all so great and the packaging is so cute! A few months ago I got this foot cream and it does not only smell like lavender, which I love, but it also makes my feet so so so soft! 10 out of 10 from me. 

Tresemm√© Haircare | My hair gets dry really easily, and it being coloured and exposed to the sun rather frequently doesn't help at all. I've been using these two products - Platinum Strength Leave in Conditioner and Keratin Smooth Spray- on my hair after every shower and, even though my hair does not feel like silk, it feels and looks much better than it did in previous summers when I barely used anything other than shampoo and some random conditioner. 

Flavoured Water | I remember trying putting some lemon into my water last summer and not being able to drink because, in spite of how healthy it's meant to be, it does not taste very nice to me so I went back to drinking normal water. This summer, though, I've been trying to put different fruits into my water and you guys, this shit is amazing. I love putting lime, orange and blackberries and leave the water in the fridge overnight, SO GOOD.

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