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WARNING: Don't read this if you are not caught up with PLL

So by now many of you will have seen the season 6A finale and will know who A, black widow and red coat are. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's massively disappointed. Let's recap.

Charles always felt like a girl so his dad didn't want him and found an excuse to lock him up in Radley. His mother, however, accepted him for who he was and bought him dresses and I assume paid for all the operations and everything to transform him into a girl. That must have happened when he was young, like 13-14 and I am expected to believe that a) they found a doctor who was willing to do a sex change operation to such a young kid that had mental issues and b)that no-one knew anything about the operation apart from her mother. I don't know much about transgender operations but I'm assuming it takes some time, you have to take hormones and probably go to a psychologist to talk about it? And she managed to do that without anyone realising. It doesn't seem to believable. 

Her motive for hating the girls was that 'they were happy Ali was gone'. What the actual f? 'Oh they are happy I accidentally killed my sister who doesn't know we're sisters, let's torture them for years, almost kill them and kidnap them because hey the game is like a drug and I'm really good at it, it's fun'. So, after 5 years this is the answer the writers came up with?! Even I could have thought of something better! We were meant to feel sorry for Charles, well, I don't. Okay yeah, it's harsh that his own dad didn't accept him and had to be locked up in Radley. But, can we please, for a second, think of what the girls have been through because of her? She's ruined their lives for years and probably damaged them forever. I don't feel sorry for CeCe/Charles at all.

And then they revealed Sara Harvey (who was introduced to us 10 episodes ago) is both Black Widow and Red Coat. It's quite obvious they didn't know who to make Black Widow/Red Coat and introduced a new character so they didn't have to worry about plot holes (even though there are plenty of plot holes if CeCe is A). Yes, Sara was always suspicious and everyone hated her, but it feels too rushed and why the hell does she hate the girls so much?

Also, is the time jump just going to be PLL 2.0? 'He is coming for you, Ali' Have the girls not been tortured enough?! But I gotta admit I love seeing them all 'grown-up',  it's cute! 

In my opinion, the whole episode felt rushed and I wasn't too happy with it (and judging by Tumblr, I'm not the only one...). The woah factor was definitely there but it was more like 'woah how are they going to fix all the plot holes?'. I would've preferred that someone like Jason, Caleb or Ezra was A, the whole transgender thing doesn't convince me and it feels too twisted (even for PLL). This was meant to be the 'Summer of Answers' but it felt like the 'Summer of Questions', as per usual. 

Have you seen the PLL finale? What did you think?

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