Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Today's post is a little bit different from usual but I thought I would do it since many of you might be getting results soon or might have just gotten them. In today's world it is really easy to feel like grades and school are the most important things and that if you fail at being good at them you're a failure. This is, by all means, not true. 

Ever since primary school I've been extremely focused on school and I managed to get good grades and get into a good university. Getting into a good uni was what made me realise that grades aren't everything. There, I realised there was so many people who were also good at school and got amazing grades. There was around 13,000 students, all of which got amazing grades in high school and many of them still do. Now, are they all gonna be happy and have a successful life? Probably not. I know this sounds a bit harsh but my point is, whilst getting a First instead of a Third at uni is probably gonna help you get a better job and more money it does not necessarily mean your life is gonna be better. I personally would be happier earning a bit less and having more free time to do other things than being a workaholic and earning loads. That is, obviously, just my personal preference.

Think of people like Steve Jobs, Ellen DeGeneres or Mark Zuckerberg. They all dropped out from uni, they have no degree and they seem to be doing just fine, well, more than fine. These people prove that if you really love something and are passionate about it you don't need a degree to prove how good you are. With that, I am, by no means, trying to discourage you from going to uni  but to show you that there is more to life than exams. 

Anyway, all I wanna say is do not beat yourself up. If you already have good grades and are happy with them, congrats! If you are not too happy, do not worry too much and enjoy life. If you're going to get your grades soon, I wish you the best of luck!!  

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