Friday, 31 July 2015


Hello! I recently spent a week in Italy, where I visited Rome,  Florence and Pisa. A few days ago I uploaded a post about my time in Rome, click here to check it out! After spending three days in Rome we took a train to Florence where we stayed for two nights. When we first got there I didn't quite like the city but as I walked around and got to know the place better I started to like it more and more. Florence is quite a small city so there isn't much to visit other than the Duomo, a few museums and some pretty squares and streets. Also there is a hill with really nice views of the city but it was almost 40˚C and I didn't really fancy walking 20min under the sun to take some pictures so we didn't go there. 

One morning we decided to go to Pisa which is quite close to Florence and spend half the day there. Pisa seemed more like a big town than a city and it seemed liked everyone went straight to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, took some pictures and went back to the train station. This is pretty much what we did too. The surroundings of the tower were crowded with tourists trying to take the famous picture which was a bit inconvenient because you literally had to fight to find a good spot, something like The Hunger Games 2.0. After lunch we took a train back to Florence and explored the city at night which turned out to be stunning and really lively, there were musicians everywhere playing different instruments which I really liked because it was like having your own soundtrack.

The day before coming back home we took the train back to Rome to spend our last night there. Since we had already seen everything we'd planned we just wandered around and re-visited our favourite places. Overall, I really enjoyed Italy and I wouldn't mind going back someday in the future. However, I would choose a slightly colder season to go, like spring or autumn, since the heat was almost unbearable. Have you ever been to Italy? Did you like it?

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