Thursday, 16 July 2015


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During summer break, when most of us don't really have much to do, it's easy to fall into the routine of sleeping in until 1pm every day. I am the first one who loves a lay in every once in a while but, at the same time, I don't like spending the whole morning sleeping and unconscious. I feel like it's a waste of time. Therefore,  I try to wake up at a reasonable time, even during summer break, and take advantage of the mornings to be somewhat productive. Here are a few tips to help you wake up in the morning and stop hitting the snooze button.
1. Use a nice and quiet song as your alarm, but not so quiet that you don't wake up. I find that if I use a very energetic song, very noisy and very loud I wake up scared which makes me be in a bad mood and I just want to go back to dreaming 

2. Drink freezing cold water. It does not only wake you up because it's freezing cold but because it hydrates you (and yes, your body is completely dehydrated after not drinking for 8 hours) and it's meant to wake you up faster than caffeine.
3. Go all out with breakfast. And by that I don't mean rage the cupboards and eat everything you find. If you take the time to prepare something you love for breakfast like banana pancakes or waffles then you'll be more eager to get up to eat your breakfast. 
4.  Go to bed early. That's the most obvious one. If you go to bed at 3am your body clock gets all messed up and, you don't only wake up later, but then you're not tired until late at night the following day so you go to bed late and so on.  Obviously, I'm not saying go to bed at 9pm every day but try to go to bed before midnight most days and waking up early will come naturally! 
Are you a morning person? Or is the snooze button your best friend?
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