Saturday, 4 July 2015


1. THE ROYALS. If you liked Gossip Girl then this show is a must for you. To sum it up, it's like Gossip Girl changing the MET steps for thrones and the Upper East Side for the Royal Palace.
2. MADE IN CHELSEA. This reality has been going on for years but I didn't find out about it until last year when I moved to London. I would describe it as and English version of KUWTK. It follows the life of a wealthy group of friends from Chelsea (London) so you can tell their lives are gonna be somewhat interesting and outrageous. 
3. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. I've been following this show ever since it came out a few years ago and out of all the many shows I used to watch then this is the only one I still watch and it's kept me interested. It started out being a bit girly but as the episodes went on it got darker and darker. I'm pretty sure most of you know what it is about but to sum it up it's about 4 girls trying to find out who their blackmailer is.
4. SUITS. This show was introduced to me by my two flatmates who were absolutely obsessed with it. I first thought I wouldn't like it and that it would be rather boy-ish but it's actually really interesting and even if you're not interested in law (I'm not) you can enjoy it! 
5. CASTLE. I started watching Castle last summer and it's now one of my favourite shows. I get scared really easily so I cannot watch certain shows that I would love to watch. However, Castle doesn't take my sleep away and manages to make murders and police investigations bearable without making them unrealistic or not interesting. 
What are your favourite TV shows?
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