Saturday, 20 June 2015


Hello! Recently, I’ve been getting into going to the gym and working out somewhat regularly as I find it helps me de-stress for exams and it also gives more energy. Something really important when working out is food, what should you eat before exercising, what about after? What you eat can completely change how you perform and even how effective the work out is. I recently came across ETB Fit,  who sell amazing pre-work out supplements so you should definitely check them out!! 

Because I normally go to the gym in the morning, I normally count breakfast as my pre-workout snack. However, if someday I go later in the day I like to have something like a banana or an apple. Nothing too heavy since it’s not good to work out on a full stomach. 

After working out I often run home and eat everything I see because I am starving. But, for the sake of this post, let’s pretend that doesn’t happen that often. So, in another world I would eat something really healthy but filling like an apple with peanut butter, a green smoothie or a protein bar. Sometimes, I’ll decide to treat myself after a gym session so that I have a motivation to look froward to and that makes me push myself harder. Obviously, I won’t treat myself to a giant slice of chocolate cake with loads of icing as that would defeat the point of working out. But, I do treat myself to either smaller foods like macaroons or something healthy but that I normally wouldn’t buy because of the price (yes, I am talking about Whole Foods.) 

Something else that I find essential when working out is music. Kim Kardashian once said she likes to listen to classic music when running, well, I love the Kardashians but how on earth can you work out to Mozart?! When I say music I mean, Rihanna, Drake and this kind of music. I like to listen to upbeat songs that keep me motivated and make me perform better. 

These are the two most important things that I use to keep me motivated when I hit the gym, what are yours?
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