Friday, 20 March 2015


Hello everyone! I am writing this post as I'm watching the new episodes of pretty little liars because I've got very little to no free time. In the next week I have three deadlines and three exams, on top of that I've got 5 hours of labs everyday this week and lectures as per usual. Doesn't it sound relaxing? It obviously isn't. In order not to die of a panic attack I like to do a few things to relax and get my mind off all those deadlines. I'm rather sure I'm not the only trying not to freak out so here's what I like to do to relax.

COOK. There's nothing better than a good meal to relax. It's not only necessary for your brain but it's also really nice to spend some time just cooking and distracting myself from the everything else. Also, I am not a professional chef so my meals are normally quite simple (i.e. sandwiches and cereal) which is why I really like spending some time making an actual meal. 

EXERCISE. I don't really like sports but one thing I do like is running. I normally run for 30-40min and it really helps me to stop thinking about chemistry and uni stuff. Also, exercising is meant to make your body  release some kind of hormones that make you feel less stressed out and happier.

WATCH KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS. I watch many TV shows but some of them require me to think more than others. KUWTK doesn't require me to use my brain at all whatsoever and that's really nice to be honest. Plus, the Kardashians' life is just too interesting not to watch the show. I can't wait for the next episode to air where, apparently, Kim tells her mom that she 'didn't buy Kendall a pair of shoes, she bought her a creer'... whaat?

SKYPE. Whenever I am taking short breaks from revision I like to call my family or my friends and talk to them for a while. As I only go home once every 3 months it's nice to talk to them and catch up.

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