Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hello! I am no editing expert but I do like taking my time to edit Instagram pictures. I don't do anything fancy or spend hours doing it, only a few minutes, but I thought I would share with you how I do it and what apps I use. 

These are not all the photography apps I have but they are the ones I use somewhat often. AutoCamTimer is basically a timer, now that the iPhone camera has its one time I don't need it anymore but it used to be useful. Moldiv is what I use whenever I wanna make a collage, which is not very often. 
My top 3 apps are VSCOcam, Squareready and Afterlight. Squaready is what I use to add the white borders when I don't want to crop  my picture into a square.
VSCOcam used to be my all time favourite editing app before I got Afterlight. It is free and has a lot of cool filters and editing tools. When I use it, I normally apply the  filter C1 or T1. I also add some exposure and fading. 

My favourite app at the moment is Afterlight which I think is about 69cent. on the App Store so even though it's not free, it's basically free. It has so many filters you'll never use them all, it's impossible. First, I always increase the brightness and clarity. Then I apply a filter, my favourites are russ, leila, row and grove. Sometimes I also add a light leak, either  01 or 24. 
And this is how I edit most of my Instagram pictures, as you can see I keep it quite simple - simple but effective! 
What are your favourite apps?
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