Monday, 26 January 2015


Hello everybody! Brushes can make a huge difference in how your make up looks. Use the wrong brush for your foundation and it will not be properly blended, use the wrong brush to blend out your eyeshadow and it will look like a hot mess. I have three brushes that I use pretty much everyday and that I think do their job perfectly. Plus, they are all quite inexpensive so anyone can afford them. 

Ecotools Flat Eyeliner Brush || Real Techniques Expert Face Brush || Deliplus Sombra Brush
Let's start with what I use for my foundation. A few years ago I used to use my fingers and to be honest it worked fine but then my hands were disgusting. I then decided to get a brush to do the dirty work for me and since everyone was raving about RT brushes I got one. The brush retails at £9.99 and it's totally worth it.  It is firm and wide enough to blend everything relatively quick. Whether you are using cream or liquid foundation, it will give you an airbrush finish and will make you look flawless. 
For my eyes I use two brushes for my every day make up routine. The first one is the Ecotools Flat Eyeliner Brush. I don't use liquid eyeliner in a daily basis because it's pain to take it off at night so, instead, I use this brush and a dark eyeshadow to line my eyes. At only £5.49 I think it's a very good brush, it's firm thick and soft; what else could you ask for?
The other brush I use for  my eyes is the Deliplus Sombre Brush which I think you can only get in Spain and I don't think they are sold online. I use this to sightly darken my crease with a dark-ish brown. It retails at 5€ so it's quite a bargain! 
What's your favourite brush?
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