Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Hello guys! It’s time for another post about my recent obsessions. I’ve been quite busy lately with uni but of course I’ve still managed to obsessed over too many things.

1.Checked scarfs. I bought a green and black checked scarf and my mom gave me hers (thank you mommy) when she came visit me so now I have two scarfs that I literally wear at least 5 times a week. I am not ashamed.

2.Brandy Melville. I've always heard people rave about Brandy and how amazing the clothes were. However, I never got to buy anything other than a bralet as jumpers are a bit overpriced. About  month ago I went there with my mom and she decided to make me happy and bought me a jumper and a cropped long-sleeved t-shirt. These are my most-worn items now, they are so comfy and warm but at the same time cute. One word: A-MA-ZING.

3.Christmas Songs. OF COURSE. I mean, it’s almost Christmas so why would I not listen to Christmas songs? I made a playlist on Spotify with all the Christmas songs I like and it’s all I’ve been listening to whilst doing my homework since early November. Again, I am not ashamed.

4. Snow. Okay this is a weird on. I split my time between London and the Balearic Islands and it doesn’t snow in neither of those places so how could I even be obsessed with snow? Well, the Christmas season is here and I WANT SNOW. If I have to cope with low temperatures here in London the least I could get is some nice snow… right? Well, apparently, mother nature disagrees with me.

5. Christmas lights. I am pretty sure there are very few places as beautiful as London in Christmas. Every time I go to Oxford Street (which is more often than I should) I am overwhelmed by the beauty of all the lights and decorations, it’s so festive and pretty! If you want to see some pictures click here!
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