Sunday, 21 December 2014


Hello! If you like Christmas as much as I do you are probably getting super excited and have 0 motivation to work or study. Some people are lucky and get to have a break for the holidays to relax and spend some time at home. Other people (like me) have finals right after the holidays so have no other choice but to work and be productive during the break. I had to do that last year as well and will have to do it for the next three Christmas at least. If you are like me and have to study or get a lot of things done in the following weeks here are some tips to help you keep motivated.

WAKE UP EARLY. That is hard and might not sound very appealing but when you get everything done by noon and have the rest of the day off to meet friends and watch Christmas movies you'll be happy you woke up early.

GIVE YOURSELF SOME BREAKS. Even if you are tight on time and you're getting stressed out give yourself some days off, ideal days are days like Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc. 

START EARLY. If you have finals as soon as you go back to school try starting to revise a few weeks before instead of the 4 days before your first day as even thought you will have enjoyed your holidays you will regret it when you see the amount of notes you have to memorise in 24hours. 
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