Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Hello everybody! Today's post is all about what I want for Christmas. I love making wishlists about every single possible thing, there's something about putting a bunch of amazing stuff together that really pleases me. So, here you have my Christmas wishlist for 2014! 
1. PINK comfy clothes. Every girl loves VS and every girl wishes to be a VS angel but as we cannot all look like Adriana Lima or Lilly Aldridge, we can just walk around the house in PINK sweatpants, they are comfy BUT they still look cute.
2. Canon EOS 1200D. I've wanted a proper camera for ages and to be honest it would be quite useful for my blog.
3.Naked 2 palette. This is probably the best palette in the entire world,  the colours are perfect to use every day and they are so pigmented! 
4.They're Real Mascara. This is also known to be one of the best mascaras ever and I want anything that makes my eyelashes look like butterflies. 
5.MAC lipstick. I love MAC lipsticks, they are definitely worth what you're paying for and right now I have my eye on one specific shade and that shade is Media. 
4. Chelsea Boots. I love booties, I adore my cutout booties but as they have a bit of heel I don't really wear them to uni as I don;t fancy wearing heels when I'm walking around labs for 5 hours non stop. However, these Chelsea boots are soooo pretty and thet look very comfy as well! 
5.Portable Hard Drive. A friend recently told me that MacBooks are not made to store stuff and that's completely true. I probably have around 3GB of empty space on mine and that's obviously not good so some more space would be quite nice. 

And this is what's on my wihslist this year. What's on yours?

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