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Hello everyone! Even though make up seems like a rather modern thing with all these 'anti-aging' foundations and magic matte powders or waterproof lip stains that are impossible to remove, it is actually a very old thing that has been around ever since the very old years. In a moment of boredom I did some research on the history of cosmetics and found some interesting facts that I though I would share with you:

1. Ancient Egyptians and Cleopatra were one of the first people to ever use cosmetics and it was in 4000 B.C! They would fill in their eyebrows and line their eyes with Kohl - a cream made from the fat of sheep mixed with powdered lead or antimony and shoot.

2. Nail polish was originate in China in 3000BC. The Chinese created nail lacquer from egg whites, beeswax, gum and coloured powder.

3. In ancient Greece light hair was perceived as beautiful because it was very exotic as not many people were blonde. Women would lighten their hair using plant extract or arsenic. The washed their hair with a mixture of ashes, olive oil and water.

4. During Renaissance, Italian women created the ultimate red lip and cheek stain by mixing cochineal, sandalwood or cinnabar with wax or grease. It was very hard to apply but the colour lasted for over a week even if the women washed her face every single day!

5. The first mascara was created by Eugene Rimmel in the 19th century. In fact, countries like Spain use the word 'Rimmel' to refer to mascara. Mascara means mask or stain in languages like Spanish or Portuguese. 

Do you know any interesting facts about cosmetics?
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