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Hello guys!! So it is now that time of the year when people start sending all their university applications and some of them have already applied and did quite a while ago (good for you!!). I went through that process two years ago (I honestly can’t believe it was that long ago, I don’t feel that old) so I kind of know what I’m talking about, I think. A few weeks ago I made a post on how to write a personal statement (here) so if you want some tips you should go check it out. Today’s post is going to be about uni interviews. I know not al the universities have interviews and that many of you might not have to go to one - consider yourself lucky - but for those of you who have one coming up in the next few months here are some tips.

1.Google the university. Interviews from Cambridge are gonna be a bit different from other universities. So try to find current students from that university (or from a similar university) who are talking about their interview, there are plenty of forums online for that so I’m sure you’ll find something. This way you sort of know what to expect and won’t be as nervous.

2.Don’t overstudy. I personally didn’t study at all for my interview as i was too busy trying to pass my high-school exams to worry about uni but I know most people do study before their interview. I’m not saying don’t study at all like me, but don’t stress out too much, juts make sure you know what you are meant to know i.e A-Level stuff if you are from the UK. I can’t talk for other unis or other degrees but in my interview (for chemistry at Imperial College London) they cared more about how I reacted when I was asked something I didn’t know than whether I knew the answer or not. In fact, most of  the questions I was asked were beyond my knowledge and I was not meant to know the right answer.

3.Show interest. They already know you want to study at that university, otherwise you wouldn’t be there but so do all the other students getting interviewed and not all of them will get in. If you have the opportunity, let them know how much you want to get in and how passionate you are about what you want to study. However, don’t be too obvious.

4.Dress nicely. That goes hand by hand with my previous point. If you turn up in sweats they will see that as you not caring about the interview so if you don’t care about them, why would they care about you? I wore black skinny jeans, a nice sweater and flats. That’s what most people wore but some guys were wearing suits and I remember a girl was wearing heels. 

5.Common Questions. As I said before questions will vary a depending on the university and the degree you close but there are some general questions that are quite likely to come up:

-Why do you want to study that degree?
-Why do you want to study at that university?
-If you are from abroad, do you think you’re gonna be fine living so far away from     home?

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert in uni interviews nor did I nail mine (in fact I think I messed up quite a bit) but I got into the uni so I guess I didn’t do too bad. 

If you’ve had one, how was your uni interview? Are you applying to uni this year?

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