Monday, 17 November 2014


Hello people! Over the last year or so I’ve booked quite a few flights as I study abroad and I go home every few months. Flights are not cheap unfortunately, but if you follow some tips you can get them at a reasonable price and by that I mean for a price that is not outrageous. 

1.Choose your dates wisely. I think that goes without saying, flying on Tuesday is far more expensive than flying on Friday or Saturday. If you can choose always go for weekdays and dates that aren’t close to popular holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, spring break… . To sum it, try to fly when most people are not flying.

2. Choose your airline depending on how you’re travelling.  If you’re bringing heavy suitcases or special equipment you might want to look into ‘expensive’ airlines like British Airways as sometimes it is cheaper than low cost companies that make you pay like £30 for a suitcase. 

3. Book your flights at the right time. It is proven that if you book your flights too early -more than 5 months in advance- or too late - within 14 days -, you are likely to pay more than usual.

Getting cheap flights is amazing and we all want it but also bear in mind comfort. If a flight at 6am is £90 and the  one at 11am is £100, it might be worth it paying those extra £10 and not having to pull an all nighter or struggling to get to the airport because there is no public transport (It's not fun, trust me, I speak from experience).

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

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