Sunday, 2 November 2014


Hello everybody! Now that we are well into autumn I thought I would do another autumn wishlist as I love autumn and I love wishlistst soo... it's a pretty good combination to me. Also, there is so many clothes I want to buy but I can't afford! 
First we have a very simple item: black skinny jeans. Now, why would they be on my wishlist? Easy, the ones I have now (and that I love dearly, hands down the best black jeans I've ever owned) have ripped and not like a cool knee rip or anything similar, more like an ugly rip on the inner side of my leg so I kind of need a new pair. 

I've always loved floppy hats, I think they make any outfit look much more put together and stylish. I've tried a few ones on and I really like how they look. However, I don't think I am brave enough to wear one around London. 

Even though I have a decent amount of jumpers I wake up everyday not knowing what to wear and feeling like I don't have many options so I guess I could use a few more jumpers and I surprisingly don't have any grey one so that could be a good addition to my wardrobe. 

Lately I've been really loving leather shoes like the pink loafers or the black Vans here. I think they look really sleek and whenever I see them I feel like that girls is more bad-ass... It might just be me though haha 

Next is something that I still don't know why on Earth I don't have one. It's a clutch and no I don't own any clutch at all. I see them as a very unpractical purse as you have to hold it aaall night but I do think they look great with a nice outfit, much better than any purse, so I really want one. 

Next is, surprise surprise, a MAC lipstick. You know what they say about MAC lipsticks being addictive? Completely true, once you start there is no going back. It's like a drug. I recently bought a really dark lispstick and I adore it but the quality is not great (it was only £3) so I'm thinking of getting a MAC one in Duty Free when I go home (have I mentioned how much I love Duty Free stuff?)

Now that it's getting a bit colder here in the UK I'm starting to dump my leather jacket to wear coats again. I normally buy one coat per year so I think a trench coat or a cocoon coat could be a good investment for the upcoming months. 

Even though lately I've been behaving when it comes to nail varnish (I used to have a big obsession) I still like my nails to look nice and as it's autumn I'm really into very dark colours and I've just found out I don't own any black nail varnish (WHAT?!) so it's about time to get one. 

The next item on my wishlist is a handbag. I don't like buying a lot of handbags as I feel like it's a bit of a waste of money because I rarely switch bags so I tend to wear one for ages and forget about all the others. However, I do think it is nice to buy a nice handbag every now and then to keep your game strong, you know. 

The last two items are a nice white/beige blouse. I think this is such a must have, it looks amazing with black jeans, booties and a leather jacket. Also, to make it a bit more colourful, a plaid  scarf like this one would look fab! I've seen it a lot around London and I love it! 

What's on your wishlist atm?

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