Monday, 20 October 2014


Hello everybody! Last Monday I started my second year of university and since it’s only the first week, my backpack is somewhat organised and it’s not full of random shit. Hence, I decided it was the perfect time to do a what’s in my backpack post for you all nosey people. Here you go! 
My backpack is from Forever 21 and  you’ve probably seen it before and it’s been featured in a few other posts recently. It’s the perfect size to fit all my stuff but it doesn’t look too big. 

I’m gonna start with everything that is school related. First of all we have a plastic bag where I keep some sheets of paper that I use in tutorials and another plastic bag where I keep all the notes I was given that day in lectures. Then I have my huge lab book that I hate because it is way too heavy but at least I only have to carry it every other week. Next, I have my planner - that I bought at my university’s shop - that is basically my life, it’s the reason why I get everything done in time. Finally, I have a pencil case -from Harrods- and my lab goggles case -from Women’s Secret. 

Now into non-school related things (aka fun stuff). The main thing I carry with me is my waller -from Urban Outfitters- where I keep my money and my cards. I also bring lunch with me to uni but it now gone so sorry, there is no picture of my yummy sandwich. I don’t really carry make up with me as I can’t be bothered to touch up during the day but I do keep a lip balm - Baby Lips - and some hand cream - by L’Occitane- that smells soo nice. Of course my earphones are always with me as well.

If have a few free hours in-between lectures I’ll also bring my laptop and my phone charger because, you know, phones’ batteries are the worst. 

And this is allI keep in my backpack on a regular basis. I know everything is pretty mainstream but what can I say, I’m not that interesting.

What’s the weirdest thing you keep in your backpack?
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