Friday, 10 October 2014


Hello! You might not remember it but in early July I did a post on things I was looking forward to like Ed Sheeran’s concert or moving into my new flat. Now that all of these things have happened I thought I would do a new post telling you guys what I’m looking forward to at the moment. 

1. Halloween. Most people my age are excited for halloween because a)they get to party and get drunk or b) they can dress like a slut and it’s ‘okay’. But I am excited for Halloween because I’ll have an excuse to watch all the Halloweentown movies and no one can tell me off. 

2. Going back to lectures. Weird I know but as much as I ADORE summer and having nothing to do at all and being able to party until early hours of the morning and having to worry about having to wake up early and going to the beach with my friends and being lazy and I think I’m not looking forward to going back to lectures anymore. But I guess I’ll feel a bit more useful once I have something to do other than watch movies. 

3. My family coming to London. My mom, my cousin and my aunt are coming to visit me in November and I’m quite looking forward to spend some time with them all. 

4. Christmas. I think this one is pretty obvious, I mean, who’s not looking forward to Christmas? WHO? Exactly, everybody love Christmas unless you don’t celebrate it, then you probably don’t care! Anyway, I am very very very excited for Christmas but the bad news are that I’ll have to revise during Christmas break *le cries*

5. Seeing my sister. The person who I miss the most when I’m away at uni is definitely my sister so I’m quite excited to see her again during Christmas break and do crazy and weird stuff together. 

So far these are the main things I’m excited for, what are you looking forward to? 

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