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Hello everybody! So while back (and by while I mean a few weeks...) Robbers Corner and Kate nominated me for a Liebster Award that I kept forgetting about as I was quite busy with uni and getting every sorted for my new flat.  Thank you so much for nominating me, here you have the rules:

1. You need to answer the 11 questions given to you by the lovely blogger who nominated you
2. You must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers....
3. complete the 11 questions that you give them to answer.


1.Favourite concert you've ever been to
Ed Sheeran at Mallorca Rocks last summer

2. Favourite style of shoes
I love Chelsea boots at the moment

3. What do you first notice in a boy?
His style, whether I like his outfit or not.

4. Favourite city you've ever been to
London and I'm lucky enough to live here. 

5. Do you like spicy food? 
I like it but I can’t take it unfortunately.

6. Celebrity and girl crush
My celebrity crush is Harry Styles and my girl crush is Kendall Jenner or Cara Delevigne

7. Apple or windows?
Apple all the way. 

8. If you could travel anywhere right now where would you go?

9. Beer or cocktails
I hate beer so cocktails!! 

10. Favourite food
Anything sweet, at the moment I’m loving lemon curd.  

11. Leonardo DiCaprio or David Beckam? 
Hmmm… that’s hard one. But I think I’ll have to go with David Beckham just because he has the most handsome kids ever. 


1.Best look/show from Fashion Week SS15?
wow, that was a while ago hahah but I loved Marchesa’s show, the blue fairytale-esque dress what stunning.

2. Favourite three items in your Wardrobe?
My cut-out booties, my leather jacket and my ripped black jeans

3. Your dream holiday destination?
Greece, it looks so pretty and paradisiac!

4. Last film you watched?
Yesterday night I watched Mr and Mrs Smith and believe it or not I had never seen it before. 

5. Something that reminds you of your childhood?
Overalls, I used to love them when I was little!

6. Autumn Must Haves?
Hot Chocolate, Netflix, Cozy jumper, chunky scarf.

7. Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? If not, then what is the #1 item on your Christmas list?
It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, NEVER. My #1 item on my Christmas List is , an iPad Air 2 but as I know I won’t get it I’m gonna go with money to buy clothes.

8. How is school, college or university going so far?
Uni is going well, not as well as summer, but hey not everything is perfect. Now being serious, it is actually going pretty well and the workload is manageable. 

9. Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) or Jay-Z and Beyoncé?
Kimye all the way!! I love the Kardashians and even though Kim is my least favourite Kardashian, she’s still one so yeah. 

10. Describe how you met the last person you talked to.
The last person I talked to was one of my flatmates who I met through facebook when me and my other flatmate where looking for a third one. I met him properly when I moved into my flat a few weeks ago but we are like best friends already. 

11. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
Yup! They haven’t tried to kill me yet so I guess we get along… 


1. Style Crush
2. What's your go to outfit at the moment?
2. Leggings or jeans?
3. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
4. Name all the countries/cities you've ever been.
5. If you could date any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?
6. What's your make up must have for the winter time?
7. Do you sleep with socks on?
8. Why did you start blogging?
9. Twitter or Facebook?
10. What did you have for breakfast?
11. What's your favourite song right now?

I know you are supposed to nominate 11 people but I've done this award at least two times already and to be honest I don't even know who to nominate anymore so I nominate all of you reading this, if you want to do it then consider yourself nominated and let me know in the comments!  

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