Saturday, 4 October 2014


I’m currently sat in my bedroom in my new flat with no wifi. It’s only been a bit less than two days since I last had wifi connection on my laptop and I swear I do not know what to do with my life anymore. This led me to think if maybe we rely way too much on the Internet. Years ago, people could go days without using the Internet and even longer ago they didn’t even know what the Internet was and they seemed perfectly fine and okay. However, why do we need it so badly?

Truth be told, we have all grown up knowing what the Internet is and most of us have had unlimited access to it since an early age. This has led us to take it for granted and to be used to using it every time we need something. I don’t even use regular texts anymore, I use apps like WhatsApp. I don’t buy DVDs or CDs anymore, I use Netflix and iTunes. 

Now, imagine having to do a project and not being able to use Wikipedia or even worse having to write your project by hand. This is now unbelievable. I remember when a few years ago my history teacher made us write a 20-pages-long project by hand and the whole classroom went nuts. 

Anyway, I think this post is mostly a ramble that I wrote because I am bored to death and I can’t watch movies or YouTube videos. Anyway, by the time this post goes up I probably have wifi again (or I'll be stealing wifi at Starbucks) and I'll be happy again. 
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