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Warning: very long post

A little less than a year ago I was getting ready to dive into a whole new world called university and yes I could not be more nervous and excited. I'm sure many of you going off to college this autumn feel the same way, excited but also terrified. Well, let me help you and tell you what to expect when you land.

Boston University

University is one of these things that we all think we know since we are kids but then realise that we know nothing about so here we go;

First of all, do not panic. I know the idea of moving out can be terrifying, mainly if none of your friends are going to the same uni as you but trust me, I've been there, it's gonna be alright. I did not only leave home but I also left my country and the culture I knew. I was born and raised in Spain but decided to go to uni in London, it was the scariest decision I've ever made but also one of the best. 

When you get to your halls of residence/dorm everything might be a bit overwhelming - new home, new people, new city or country, new life. One thing you have to remember is that everyone is on the same boat, they are all overwhelmed and scared, it's a new  experience to everybody. So, don't be shy and talk to people, get to know as many people as you can. You'll probably not going to talk to many of them ever again in your life but who cares, you're there not only to study but to make friends and meet people and the best way to do so is by talking to people. 

Once you know some people from your floor, you can start to worry about other stuff. If you are studying in a foreign country that means setting up a bank account and getting a phone contract. Both of these things are quite simple but a nightmare at the same time. I'm not going to go into detail as the process varied depending on your bank/phone company, just remember to bring your passport everywhere. 

Imperial College London

Then it's time to remember that you are actually a full-time student. The day before your first lecture try to go to your campus and make sure you know the way, you don't want to get lost and be late to your first lecture (even thought it's probably not going to be important at all). Also, make sure you have your schedule with you at all times whether it's on a sheet of paper or on your phone. 

Going back to how to meet people, talk to the people in your lectures or just sit next to someone you think could be nice. I remember one of my first lectures I sat next to this girl that had a very nice top and now that same girl is one of my best friends so you never know what might happen.

 Something that worried me is what kind of people I was going to go to uni with, what would they be like? The answer is simple, everything you can imagine, from posh rich daddy's favourite girl to lonely geek (I know not all geeks are lonely, I am a geek myself). It also depends on which university you are going to, my university is known for its asymmetrical ratio and by that I mean that there are many more boys than girls. Boys think that sucks because there are not enough girls and that we are lucky there are so many boys, WRONG, I would be happy if the boys were actually attractive but most of them aren't *sighs*. 

The last topic I'm gonna talk about (I swear it's the last one) is parties, of course. Most universities in the UK have what's known as Fresher's' Week which is a week (the first week of term) where there are endless parties and events Organised by both the university and clubs in your city that are meant to help you meet new people. I was 17 (and 9 months) when I started uni so I was not allowed to go to these parties but many if my friends have told me that they haven't a seen most people they met at these parties again so yeah, go there, get drunk and have a good time; no one will remember. If you are underage like me try to find someone who looks similar to you and use their ID to get into clubs. Some people might tell you it doesn't work, it works even at popular clubs (trust me...), you don't want to miss a good party for being a few months younger than most people! ;)

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