Sunday, 7 September 2014


Hello people! As I said in a recent post of mine, lasts year I moved to London to go to uni. I was born and raised in a tiny little town so it was a big change for me when I moved to the big city that London is. Living in a city like that has many many good things but also some bad things. 


PUBLIC TRANSPORT. In big cities public transport tends to be great (even though it can be expensive too) meaning that you don't need a car or driving license to move around which is great if you don't have one like me.

SHOPS. The bigger the city the more shops it has so yeah that is definitely a pro!

EVENTS. Something I love about living in London is that it doesn't matter what day or what time it is, there is always something going on, there's always something to do.


CONSTANT NOISE. There are always cars, buses, taxis, ambulances... in the streets making noise, even at night. I admit it can be a bit annoying when you're trying to work or relax.

PRICE. Living in a major city is anything but cheap. Flats are extremely expensive, public transport doesn't tend to be cheap either and even food is more expensive. 

Do you guys live in a big city?
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