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Hi, everyone! It's Kate from My So Called Life and myself and Ariadna thought it would be fun to do another guest post. Hope you enjoy.

Today I'm going to be talking about Back To School essentials. I know, I know, reading about going back to school, college or university is probably the last thing you all want to do, with most people going back in the very near future. Some people have actually already gone back so, if you're one of those people, I hope you still find this post helpful.


1. A Backpack: I know most people consider backpacks to be 'uncool' but I personally think they're incredibly practical, it's just all about finding the right one. You can fit a lot more into them than in normal bags, don't usually have to worry about them breaking and can arrange your stuff into the different compartments, making it easier to find things. 

2. A Pencil Case: Carrying a pencil case round with you is surely much easier than carrying round a single pen and then having to ask people if you can borrow something, right?! Well, not for my friends, it's not. I'm definitely the person that always carries round extra pens and pencils with her, as well as other things that you mind only need in a blue moon, such as sellotape or glue, but are still just as important. The only thing I find hard is finding the right pencil cases. Most ones these days are more for smaller kids so I often find a make-up bag that could easily double up as a pencil case works wonders. Just don't forget to fill it with back to school stuff, such as highlighters, tipex, pencils, pens, etc. like my friends.

3.A File and Paper: I often wonder how people manage to carry multiple notebooks around with them for the entire day. After a few hours, it just becomes a pain and, if like my college, you don't have lockers, you end up with a sore back. Because of this, I find it much easier to carry a file round with me. I separate each subject with a polly-pocket, which I can then use to fill with sheets for said subject.

4.A Water Bottle and Snacks: It's important to stay hydrated throughout the day and to keep your brain energised, so water and snacks are a definite! If you take things from home, you'll find it easier to stick to a 'healthy diet' and you'll also find yourself saving of money as I find food on campus to be extortionate. Chewing gum is also something else good to have on hand, just make sure no one else sees it!

5.Headphones: Headphones are another definitely must. I find that they really come in handy on the journey to and from college, as well as when I am in frees. I normally use my frees to do all my work and to study, but if I have nothing else to do then my phone and headphones always come and handy.

6.Washbag: Next would be washbag or just a small, spare make-up bag that you have lying around, filled with small pieces like a hairbrush, some powder (preferably one with it's own compact mirror and brush, to save space!), deodorant, hair bobbles & clips, some hand sanitiser, a small purse with some money, your keys and then some girly bits and pieces. 


7.A Diary/Planner: My final pick would be a weekly planner. I use mine on a daily basis and find it to be essential when it comes to remembers homework and the date of exams. This way, you seem organised to your teachers and you also don't forget things. It's a win-win situation! I often also jot down things that I want to do that afternoon and cross them off as I go. Seeing them written down gives me a motivation to do it and it gives me a real sense of pride knowing I've done it.

    Hopefully see you all again soon and I hope that this helps you!

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