Friday, 5 September 2014


Hello guys! A few  days ago I wrote a post on why you should be happy to go back to school. However, everything has it's bright and it's dark side and not it is time to look at the dark side so here it goes: 5 reasons why you should not be happy to go back to school. 

1. Early Mornings. Truth is most people (except for my dad who gets up at 6am willingly)  hate early mornings, why getting up to go to school when you could lay in bed and watch Pretty Little Liars?

2.  Late Nights. On the other hand we have late nights and by that I don't mean going out parting or staying up all night on Tumblr, I mean staying up all night doing homework or studying for that maths exam.

3. Homework. Oh god don't even let me started with homework. So, after spending 5 or 6 hous every morning at school, it turns out that when we get home and all we want is to chill and relax we have a few hours of homework awaiting for us. Great, just great.

4. Dealing with stupid people. Going to school and see your friends is always nice but not everybody is nice and kind, no, there's always this annoying kid that all he/she does is annoy people and say nonsenses. 

5. School. The worse thing about school is... School. The amount of hours you spend sat in a chair listening to some random person teaching you something that is most likely not going to be very helpful in your everyday life. However, we all have to deal with it and make the most of it so that we know we are not wasting our time.

Regardless of all the things I've said now, school is (most times) not something we have a say in and we have no other choice but go so, instead of looking at the dark side, I recommend looking at the bright side and read this post here.

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