Monday, 29 September 2014


There is nothing like holding a Chanel, Michael Kors, Givenchy, Alexander Wang... handbag in your hand and knowing it's going to be yours as soon as you insert your credit card and type in your secret number. Unfortunately, many of us can't afford to experience that feeling and a wishlist will have to do. As you have probably guessed, that's my case.

design handbag

I think most people will recognise all of these handbags as they are all rather popular and famous. Let's start talking about the Michael Kors one, I think we have all seen it before and we probably know some lucky friend who owns one. I've had my eye on it ever since I  first saw it on Tumblr and it's gonna be one of the first purchases I make when I get rich.

Next is my all time favourite, it was the first designer handbag I fell in love with and it's by Chanel, I think it explains itself, Chanel will always be Chanel. Then we have two more handbags that even though I adore I would probably think about it twice if I ever had to buy them, they are the Céline and Givenchy bags.

Finally we have this beautiful Mulberry handbag/backpack which I think is the best thing ever, it's so practical I'm pretty sure if I had it, it would be the only thing I would use.

Which one is your favourite? 
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Three fashion weeks down, one to go. Yesterday was the last day of Milan Fashion Week so now it's time to take a look at some of the best looks Milan shared with us. Even though I did love many many looks I do have three favourites - Blumarine, Versace and Fendi. I think these three outdid themselves and brought to us wonderful and stunning designs that left me breathless.  Take a look!


My favourite outfit is definitely the feather dress by Fendi. I love how the white and pink look together and how the few black feather makes it look a bit more badass. Also the cut-outs help with the badass look and makes it much more sexy. It's so unique and beautiful!!
Are you excited for Paris Fashion Week? 
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Monday, 22 September 2014


Hello guys! This week I am heading back to London to start my second year of university and I've decided to show you guys what I am bringing with me to the airport and in the plane. I personally love this kind of posts as I am a rather nosey person and love seeing what people keep in their handbags and stuff. 

I always use a backpack rather than a handbag when I’m travelling as it’s more comfortable and more roomy. This one is from Forever 21 and it might not seem very big but it is huge, the biggest MacBook would definitely fit in here! It was only 24€ and It feels and looks more expensive so it was a pretty good deal. 

Now into what’s inside the bag! First thing first, I have my iPhone because if it’s not glued to my hand or in my pocket, it’s in my handbag. Then I also have my passport because I probably wouldn't be able to leave the country without it (and that would be a problem). Next, I have my wallet with some cash, my ID card and my debit cards in it; my headphones and my iPod. 

I also have my make-up bag with some essentials as I don’t like to put my make up in my suitcase, a water bottle that I’ll gave to throw away before going through security and all my chargers. The biggest thing I keep in my carry on is my laptop which is my main source of entertainment when I am flying.  Whenever I am travelling very early in the morning/very late at night or to a country with colder weather I like to keep a sweater or a cardigan in my backpack so that I don’t get cold.  However, this time I went for a flannel so tied it up around my waist to make me feel like Khloé Kardashian. 

And that is all that’s in my carry on, people! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post! :) 

What are your must haves when you’re travelling?

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Friday, 19 September 2014


Hello people! Now that the temperatures are getting somewhat lower (only a few degrees…) I am feeling ready for the upcoming season - autumn. What I love about new seasons is that I have an excuse to go shopping an get new items as I ‘don’t have enough jumpers or shorts or whatever I am wearing that season’. I did go on a little shopping trip recently but I barely got anything as I am scared I won’t be able to fit everything in my suitcase next week when I go back to the UK. 

Anyway, there are some pieces that I think are indispensable for this fall and I’ll make sure I have enough of them in my wardrobe. 


SWEATERS. This one is pretty obvious, I mean: autumn equal to sweater weather, am I right ladies? I love sweaters -mainly if they are a bit oversized - as they can be worn pretty much everywhere; to school, to work, to lunch, to dinner, to the cinema and even to a fancy party if you know how to style them. At the moment I am on the hunt for a mustard sweater, they are gorgeous! 

BLACK JEANS. Recently I’ve been quite obsessed with black jeans, I think they make anything look ten times fancier and they go with literally everything. My moto is ‘you can never have too many black skinny jeans’ and that, my friends, is a fact. 

JACKETS. Whether it’s a parka,  a leather jacket or a bomber jacket you definitely need a not too warm jacket for the autumn to protect you from the rain and the colder days. ‘Autumn’ jackets are my favourites, they are not too bulky or warm and they look just nice unlike big winter coats. 

These are three of my fashion must haves for this autumn, what are yours? 

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Aaand the second fashion week is over! Yesterday the London Fashion Week for SS15 ended but left us with a bunch of great designs and outfits that are definitely worth looking at. My favourite collection was without a doubt Marchesa's, the dresses were absolutely beautiful and stunning, I don't think I ever though such breathtaking designs ever in my life before. 
Of course, Marchesa's dresses weren't the onlly designs worth looking at. Here are some of my favourite looks of the LFW:

David Koma || Julien MacDonald || Julien MacDonald

Marchesa || Preen by Thornton Bregazzi || Marchesa

Mary Katrantzou || Mario Schwab || Tom Ford

As all the fashion weeks, this was amazing and we got to see the trends awaiting for us in spring and summer which only makes me even  more excited for summer, as if I wasn't excited enough even though summer 2014 is not over yet. 

Did you watch any fashion show? Which collection was your favourite?

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Monday, 15 September 2014


Hello people! It's Monday which means it's time for a style crush post. Today's is about Alexa Chung, the current it girl. I personally think her outfits are always on point and she can basically pull off anything. She always knows the latest trends and know how to rock it and make it look so effortless. Here are some of my favourite looks:

Who's your style crush?

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Saturday, 13 September 2014


A few months ago, right after I had signed my lease I did a post sharing some of my favourite rooms  (here) I had found on Pinterest. I'm moving into my new flat in a few weeks and I'll have a brand new room to personalise and make it feel like home. Recently, I've been browsing Pinterest to find some inspiration and some ideas to use when the time comes. Here are some of my favourites pictures. 

What would your perfect room look like? 

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Friday, 12 September 2014


It's finally that time of the year, it's time for the New York Fashion Week. The week where New York dresses in Prada and designers show their new collections to the world. Even though it is indeed a bit weird to see the trend for SS15 when it still feels like summer, I can't help it but swoon over the Monique Lhuillier fairytale dresses, the hypnotic patterns seen at the Desigual fashion show or the Alexander Wang 'barcode' designs. 

It's hard to choose the best designs as all of the designer who display their collections at the NYFW are brilliant to say the least. For that reason, instead of choosing my favourite looks I chose my favourite collections of the NYFW SS15. 

Monique Lhuillier's collection for the upcoming summer and spring is, in one simple word: breathtaking. The dresses look like they were designed by Walt Disney himself and belong to a Disney princess.

The main reason why I watched the show in the first place was Kendall Jenner. At this point most of you may know that I love her style and I wanted to see her walk down the catwalk. The whole collection is so well done. All of the pieces have unique patterns that give the overall outfit a very classy and stylish touch. I also love how completely different patterns like flowers and squares are mixed and they look just great.

Stunning light-as-air dresses now have a name: Badgley Mischka. If Monique Lhuillier's dresses belonged to princesses, these belong to fairies. They look so thin and light they seem to be weightless and would be the chosen outfit to wear on a hot summer day. There are no words to describe how beautiful the collection is. It was my favourite collection of this NYFW and I envy anyone who can afford getting their hand on any of these dresses.

Last but not least, let's talk about Michael Kors'. It can be seen he went for white, pastels and bright colours with  a few exceptions like Candice's outfit which, in my opinion, is gorgeous. I am a big fan of white in summer, it looks great with a nice tan and some brown accessories - very classy. Even though I did like Michael Kors' collection I was a bit disappointed this year, I had very high expectations. 

I am still not sure but I might to a part 2 with some more collections that I really liked so if you would like to see that let me know in the comments!

What was your favourite collection?

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Thursday, 11 September 2014


Autumn Wishlist

Even though leaves are still on the trees and chilly weather doesn't seem to be anywhere near Mallorca, I'm starting to get in the mood for big scarfs, hoodies, fuzzy socks and all the amazing things that come with fall. Getting in the mood for all these things means getting in the mood for shopping, again. However, due to going back to London in a couple weeks I can't afford to get more clothes as they wouldn't fit in my suitcase and they would have to stay here *sighs*, so when it cannot be shopping time, it is wishlist time!

There is an obvious trend here - dark colours and black.  That trend is even followed by the MAC lipstick I've been wanting for ages which is in the shade Diva. Some of my favourite pieces are the leather jacket which is a must for autumn.  Also, we can't not talk about the gorgeous Givenchy clutch. I don't even want to know it price but if someone has a few thousands of dollars that they are not using, they will be welcomed. 

Finally, let's show some love to all the chunky scarfs out there. They aren't only the perfect accessory for any outfit that looks too plain but they are also the cosiest and warmest things on this planet and I would be lying if I said I have never taken a nap wearing one. 

What have you been loving recently?

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