Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Teen Choice Awards 2014 | Best Dressed

Hello everybody! On Sunday the Teen Choice Awards 2014 took place in Los Angeles, CA. As always, the place was filled with celebrities known worldwide and many of them wore amazing pieces and chose the perfect outfit. Here you have my favourite outfits. 

Kylie Jenner || Taylor Swift || Nina Dobrev

Sometimes Kylie Jenner can wear what I would call an unusual outfit but this time I loved it, the skirts is unique and stands out which is what I guess she wanted. I think It totally goes with her style and looks amazing on her.

The first outfit picture I saw was Taylor's and I fell in love with that co-ordinate which is weird because I'm not a big fan of green clothes. The outfit itself is pretty simple and lacks of any bracelets or necklace but Taylor managed to make it look like a perfectly put together outfit.

Nina Dobrev's was definitely my favourite outfit last night.  I'm not exactly sure if it would fall into the co-ordinates category but whatever it's called what she was wearing, it is absolutely stunning. I cannot find a single flaw in her outfit/make up/hairstyle, she looked perfect. I love the pink 'stains' and how well her shoes match the colour of these.

Rita Volk || Laura and Vanessa Marano || Bethany Mota
If I'm being honest, I have absolutely no idea who Rita Volk is and I don't know what she's famous for but her dress was pretty damn cool. The cutouts are quite unique but not too revealing, it looks sexy but does not give her a 'if i could i would walk around naked' look. 
The Marano sisters seem to have the fashion gene in their DNA, even though I probably would not wear that myself, I think they look flawless. What I love the most is that their outfits are quite similar in terms of style which I think is cute.
Last but not least, we have the queen of the Internet, Bethany Mota. She's been one of my favourite youtubers ever since I started watching YouTube videos. At first glance I thought 'ew, what is she wearing' but when I got the whole picture I actually liked it. This picture above is a bit dark and I personally think the dress looks much better on the pictures taken when she was on stage with Tyler. 
According to you, who were the best dressed?

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  1. I see that in your profile you wrote "London/Mallorca" when do you come to Mallorca again hun!? I'll be so pleased to meet u! <3


    1. yeah! I study in London and come back to Mallorca during the holidays! I am in Mallorca now, are you from here as well? x

  2. i thought that nina dobrev was alison stoner at first
    then i read the description and had to do a double-take

    1. haha yeah, she looks a bit like her in that pic!

  3. I love Nina Dobrev's look! So fun! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I followed you on GFC, and I would love if you would follow back. Let me know on my blog if you want to follow eachother on Bloglovin!

  4. i would say taylor swift because i've always liked her sweet and chic style, but nina dobrev's outfit was spot on, it showed off her long legs and brought out that summer tan, i can't stop looking at the picture lol

    1. haha yeah Nina's outfit was literally perfection! x

  5. i honestly loved Kylie's outfit!
    Rita x

  6. Very nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW MY BLOG / Maybe we can follow each other!!!


    1. omg I know, I don't know what I was thinking lol

  8. Really loving Taylor's outfit. Bethany just looks perfect in everything! :) x



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