Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Places I Want to Visit

NEW YORK. When I moved to London I  realised how much I love cities and how badly I want to go to the city that never sleeps. The fact that I’ve watched many TV shows/movies that take place there also helps.

JAPAN. Japan is one if these places I’ve wanted to visit ever since I was a kid. It’s so different to Europe, the culture is completely different and so are the people. I think it would be like going to another world taking into account I’ve only been out of Europe once. 

AUSTRALIA. I’m gonna be honest and say that one of the main reason I want to go to Australia are hot guys, Australian guys are la creme de la creme! (Also, the beaches look lovely and  I want to learn how to surf)

NORWAY. I’ve visited many places in the south of Europe but not so many in the North and Norway seems such a beautiful place.

 PARIS. I’ve already been to Paris twice but for some reason I’ve really wanted to go back lately… I did like it when I went but I didn’t fall in love with the city or anything. However, i wan to go again…my brain is a bit fucked up. 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
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  1. I hope you realise your dreams of getting to visit all of those places. I'm afraid I've gotten old and never traveled outside of the United States. I have visited Manhattan (New york, New York USA). The variety of cuisine there is wonderful. They say it never sleeps but it does get a bit quieter around 4:30 in the morning. I do like looking at the photos from the places you want to visit and I follow different fashion bloggers who live in all of those places. It would be nice finding out the best places to visit from people who live there before you go. I followed two bloggers who traveled to Paris for their honeymoon. Imogen of the fashion and lifestyle blog Tia Cherie is from Australia and Barbro Andersen is from Norway (but not from the city). Vanessa Mercado of Voguely Van travels a lot. In fact I follow fashionistas from around the world, e.g.: Couture Carrie from New York, Two Wonder Girls from Belgium, Camila Faria from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rae Abigail from the Filippines, Ina R. from Germany, and many more. I love the photos you posted from the places you want to visit. Best wishes on your future travels!




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