Thursday, 14 August 2014


Let's talk about high-school... As we are right in the middle of the back-to-school season I thought I would do a post about school. I can't do any haul or stuff like that as I do not go back to uni until early October so I'm gonna talk about my high school experience. 

Overall, I have many good memories from these years and even though most days were boring I did quite enjoy going to school. Before getting into the post I wanna clarify that I did go to high school in Spain and unlike other countries we have 6 years of high school, 4 of which are mandatory and the other 2 are necessary if you want to go to university. 

Even though it was a while  ago I still remember my first day of high school clearly. I even remember which outfit I was wearing! And it was not cute at all. I was super nervous and, after seeing endless American films, I thought high school was a proper fashion show. It wasn't. Yeah, for the first few days of each year people will dress like they are going to meet the Queen but then be ready to wear sweats every single day. Also, as you grow older and school gets harder you will care less about your image and more about how many hours you can sleep and still pass the exam. For example, I remember last year seeing all the girls that were on their first year dressing  quite nicely and putting some effort into their outfits and then I got to my class and we were all in messy buns and the simplest outfits out there with the minimal make up and huge under eye circles reading our notes like crazy trying to absorb all the information we were supposed to already know. 

Also, there is like a law that says that every year you will find the people who start high school smaller and smaller and smaller, you will think that you were much taller at their age and that you weren't as childish as them... WRONG. You probably were. I remember my first few week of my first year... I felt like a little ant. There were bid dudes with beards that were 18 or 19 and then there was me a small 11 years old girl. It was terrifying... they were twice as big as me. 

If huge dudes weren't scary enough... the building itself was also huge. I don't know how many times me and my best friend got lost and were late to class. Thankfully, teachers are okay with it as they understand you cannot know where every single classroom is (warning: that only works during the first few weeks, don't try that if you're a senior, no one will believe you).

One last thing, you might or might not go to class with your best friends but if you don't, do not worry. You're gonna meet plenty of new people who are in the same situation as you and even though some of them can be quite bitchy and mean, find the nice ones and talk to them. Your group of friends will probably change throughout high school anyway so don't be afraid of meeting new people!

What was/is your high school experience like? 
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  1. I hated so much high school...

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