Sunday, 31 August 2014

Kendall Jenner || Style Crush

Hello people! It seems like Kendall Jenner want people to know her because of her job rather than her last name. Whether she wants to be called just Kendall or Kendall Jenner, her style is on point. She always (or most times ) wears  classy and stylish outfits that look casual but put together. She tends to go for black, white and denim wearing bright colours in very little occasions. 

Needless to say she has worn some interesting and not so stylish outfits and accessories (darling, we all remember the Coachella nose ring), however she still managed to look good (not saying that she should wear it again). However, I'm not going to be talking about her bad choices but of her good choices. I've been inspiring many of my outfits on Kendall's wardrobe and here you have some of my favourite looks the model has worn.

Who's your current style crush?

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