Monday, 25 August 2014


Hello everybody! So today I'm writing a sort of different kind of post. I'm going to be talking about styles that I find interesting even though it's not what I usually wear. 

First off, it's what I call 'anime' style. Now, I'm not an anime lover and I probably don't really know what it is exactly but it is what comes to my mind when I see this dresses. They are super sweet and cute and even though they might not be your everyday style they are great to wear to dinner or some fancier party. Needless to say they would be perfect if you have a Japanese themed event as I feel like they will remind many people of the Japanese fashion. These exact dresses can be found here

TideBuy Lolita Dresses

Another style that I do like is the 'pin up girl' style. I think it's the perfect combination of sexy and classy and it flatters most body types. Lately, this style is becoming very trendy and it's easy to see it in many high-street stores. Katy Perry wears it very often to awards and events and I think it looks lovely on her and it really really suite her. 

What style do you like other than what you wear?

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  1. I love the pin up style! The anime style is a little bit crazy for me.. I think I am not confident enough for it :D
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award check it out on my blog xx


    1. I don't think I would wear it either but I find it very cute! x



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