Monday, 7 July 2014

What's on my iPhone?

Hello there! I've been wanting to do a what's on my phone post for a long time and when I finally decided it was about time my phone died. A month ago or so I got a new phone, my first iPhone. It's an iPone 5c in white and in case you're wondering, here's what I keep inside:

On the first page I keep, mostly, apps that came with the phone and that I use quite often. They are all pretty normal and need no explanation. I have on folder where I keep the apps that I never use but I can't delete like Game Center, Stocks, Newsstand and Compass. On this page I have two apps that did not come with the phone, these are Moni and Google Maps. Moni is an app that is very useful if you are on a budget, it allows you to keep track of you're spendings and also your earnings. Google Maps, well, I think we all know what it is. I use it instead of Maps (by Apple) as I think it's more exact and gives you more information regarding public transport. 

At the bottom I have the apps that I use the most which are phone, WhatsApp, Safari and music. In case you don't know, WhatsApp is a messaging app like Messenger but better. I don't even send SMSs anymore.

On the second page I have 5 folders. The first one is Social Media where I keep all my social media apps (shocker). I'm pretty sure you all know them so I'm not going to go into detail but if you have snapchat you can add me: ariadna.16. 

The next folder is Photography and as you all can imagine, it is where I keep all my editing apps.  I do not have many as I always use the same two: VSCOcam and Squareready.  The first one is a free app with cool filters and some editing options and the latter is what I use to add thew white borders 

In my London folder I keep all  the apps that I only use when I'm in London. Some of them are university related like Mobile Learn or Imperial. Three is my phone company in the UK and Fatsoma is where I have my tickets to get into clubs when I go out there. I don't use Starbucks, Uber or Netflix in Spain because they are not available where I live.  

The next folder is Games. As you can see I don't have many and I never use them. I don't really like Two Dots or Candy Crush because they stress me out when I can't reach the next lever. The Line reminds me of flappy bird, not because it's similar but because I absolutely suck at them both. QuizUp is the only one that I might use kind of often, it's similar to Trivia but it has many many different topics like One Direction, World Cup, etc. 

My last folder is Random and, well, I have all my random stuff.

I then have some apps that are not in folders because I downloaded them recently or because they are just there, for no reason. I downloaded Walk Star a few days ago and I really like it, it basically counts your steps throughout the day and tells you how many calories you've burnt and how many miles you've walked.  SleepMeister is one of my favourite apps, it's very similar to SleepCycle but this one is free. You place it on your matress when you go to bed and it detects when you fall asleep and how deep into your sleep you are and wakes you up when your sleep is as light as possible (within the 30min prior to the time you set your alarm at).
And that's all I have on my phone! :) 
Which are your most used apps? 
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  1. Lovely post dear

  2. I'll be sure to add you on snapchat! x

  3. Amazing idea for a post!!
    Lots of love, xx



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