Sunday, 27 July 2014

Kendall & Kylie Back to School Collection

Hello! This is my first back-to-school post.. sad times. I've been seeing back-to-school videos on YT for pretty much a month now and it makes me so sad for no reason as I don't start school until October, anyway, let's get into the actual post. 

If you've been reading my posts for a while you'll probably know that I adore Kendall and Kylie's fashion and I adore all of Kendall (sorry Kylez but you're becoming an annoying spoilt little girl). The sister launched their first Pacsun clothing line back in 2012 and it seems people love it as they keep launching new ones every season!  

Their 16-piece collection has an LA vibe. It's rather casual and I would say it's Coachella inspired. I personally love most of their pieces and wish there was a Pacsun here so that I could buy something. Price wise I wouldn't say it's cheap but it's not overpriced either. However,  I could be wrong as I don't really know what's a 'decent price' in America. 

 The collection is already available in stores and online and I'm almost sure Pacsun ships internationally even though the shipping fee tends to be quite expensive.  I tried to buy a 21€ tank top and it ended up costing 50€ due to shipping and taxes. It sucks, doesn't it? 

What do you think of their collection? Are you going to buy anything?
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  1. Lovely outfits to go back to school... I don't really want to came back!

  2. Their collection is amazing! Too bad it's too expensive to ship internationally.

    1. I love all of the clothes, but I'm not willing to pay the international shipping fee...x

  3. I am a bit concerned as if to whether it's actually them that designs it all! xx

    1. I doubt they design all the pieces but I hope that they, at least, bring some ideas and are a bit involved in the process. x

  4. Their clothes are amazing!



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