Thursday, 24 July 2014

Festival Outfit Ideas || Guest Post

Just a quick note before this post: this is a guest post by the lovely Kate (make sure to check her blog). We were thinking of doing this weekly or monthly so if you enjoy it let us know in the comments!! 
Hello, everyone! For those of you that don't know me, my name is Kate Wilson. If I'm honest, I don't like to put any labels on my blog as I tend to talk about just about everything. I talk about what people wear at events, OOTD's, reviews, days out with friends, recipes and much more, so be sure to head over to my blog if you're interested in any of that. There is definitely something for everyone.

Anyway, in this guest post I'm going to be talking about some outfits that I'd wear to a festival. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to attend any this year, but I did attend T in the Park last year so have some handy hints and tips on what to wear. Enjoy!

To start of with, I'm going to mention some DO's and DON'T's.

- DON'T wear white. I made this mistake and my t-shirt has never been the same!
DO wear comfortable shoes and thick socks. Seriously guys, you're feet will be SO sore.
DON'T wear anything that you would make you upset if it got ripped or mud on.
DO think comfort.

Now for some outfits! I don't think I have any photos of what I wore to TITP (I forgot my camera. Yeah, I was devastated to say the least) but, other than the first don't tip, I definitely followed the rules mentioned above.

I know I've included three Summer outfits and one for cooler evenings but *touch wood* most festivals this Summer have had glorious weather. When I went last year, it was actually over 30 degrees, something that is completely unheard of in TITP history. You could also add a pair of tights in the evening to some of the Summer looks.

You may have noticed I've included a backpack in all of the outfits and this is because I find them to be the safest kind of bag. They're hard to get in to, you'll notice anyone trying to steal something and also have lots of compartments to put things in.

I really hope you enjoyed this guest post and do let me know in the comments in you want more! 

Have you ever been to a festival?
What did you wear?


  1. look2 is perfect!

  2. I went to Hyde Park festival so it was only for a day I wore high waisted blue jeans, a white 90s top and my white converses (which were brown by the end of it hahaha) it was so much fun though x

    1. haha my white converse aren't white anymore either! x

  3. Can't go wrong with black. Love all of these looks :)

    Cup of Loveliness



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