Saturday, 10 May 2014

How Not to Freak Out Before Exams

Hello everybody! Hope everyone is getting their revision done and starting to feel ready for their upcoming exams. Regardless of whether you have revised enough or not you will probably get quite nervous before an exam. This 'freak out' many people has before taking any relatively important exam is anything but good, if you are nervous and stressed you won't be able to think clearly and you might not remember things that you actually know. Here you have some tips to avoid freaking out the day (or the hour) before your next exam. 

1.  The night before the exam read all your notes right before going to bed and make sure you know everything, your brain will 'organise' all the information and when you wake up you will remember more things. Also, when you wake up try to revise everything quickly. 


2. Don't drink a lot of coffee or eat too much sugar for breakfast as these things excite you and make you a bit more hyper which will doesn't help at all when you are trying to be calm. 


3. Don't think too much about the exam or its content, the more you think about it the more stressed out you will get. Just talk to a friend or check your social network, basically, keep yourself entertained and focus on other things. 


4. This one is quite similar to the previous one. Don't revise an hour or a few minutes before an exam, if you don't know something you are not likely to learn it then and if you know it then there's no point in revising it again.


5. Lastly, failing an exam or getting a low grade is not the end of the world. Life is much more than school or university so, even though you should try to do your best at school, it's fine if an exam goes wrong or not as well as you expected. 


Do you tend to get very nervous before an exam? How do you avoid it? 

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  1. great tips! I tend to go to my friends for comfort x

    1. thanks! :) yeah, talking to friends is so helpful! x

  2. Awesome tips!! I usually tend to my friends or family.. You have a lovely blog btw, Congrats :3

    Classy and Trendy

  3. Lovely post on exam tips! This was very helpful!!! Xx

  4. Nice post, thanks for the tips :)



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