Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Healthy Skin || Getting Ready For Summer

Hello people! Yeah, I know, it's still spring but summer is just around the corner  and when the temperatures go up I like the amount of make up I use to go down. I don't think I'm the only one who doesn't really like to wear a thick layer of foundation, mainly when it's almost 40 degrees outside. For this exact reason, I've been trying to get a clearer skin so that I don't need foundation in a few months. Here you have some of the things I've been doing:

1. Drink a lot of water. This is quite hard for me as I am literally known for not drinking water at all. I swear I can go a day drinking just one glass of water. However, I've been trying to drink 1L of water every day as this cleanses your body and helps cleaning your skin. If you find plain water too boring for you you can spice things up by adding lemon, berries, orange or any fruit that you like! 

2. Eat Clean.  I am not saying you have to eat completely and absolutely only clean and unprocessed food because that will probably en up with the worst cravings ever. Everybody likes junk food and it's okay to have them from time to time but not on a regular basis.
3. Let your skin breathe. Yeah, sure make up makes your skin look flawless but your skin needs to breathe an if you don't take off your make up properly or wear heavy foundation every single day then your skin might get much worse. I almost always take off my make up when I get home from uni and don't wear any make up if I am staying at home all day or I'm not doing something that requires me to look decent. 
4.Exfoliate and moisturise. Exfoliation is extremely important as it removes the dead skin and prevents it from clogging up your pores which can cause breakouts. Also if you don't moisturise your face properly then your skin will produce more oils to fight the dryness which can also cause you breakouts. 
And that's it. As you can see they are very simple and relatively easy to follow tips that anyone can do! I hope this has, if not helped you, entertained you for a while!
Do you have any tips or tricks to get healthier skin? Share them in the comments!

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