Sunday, 30 March 2014

How I Pack My Suitacse

Hello sexy little unicorns! You know you've become a pro at packing when you manage to pack your whole winter wardrobe in one suitcase. Spring term is almost over and I am going home for one month (I know, my Easter holidays are extremely long), in fact, right now I am probably in the plane back home (the joy of scheduled posts!). I know overpacking or just packing for long trips is rather hard so I thought I would let you know how I manage to successfully pack a month worth of clothes in one suitcase.

1. Know what you are doing
It's quite hard to pack if you don't know what kind of things you will be doing in your trip, do you need a fancy dress? Bathing suit? heels? 
Also, always check the weather as you don't want to pack shorts if it's going yo be 13 degrees! 

2. Organise your wardrobe.
It is hard to see al your options if your wardrobe is messy and clothes are all over the floor. Plus, you don't want to spend 30min looking for that super cute jumper that would go amazing that skirt. 

3.Think of possible outfits 
Don't throw all your clothes in the suitcase, make outfits and lay them on your bed so that you don't pack jumpers that don't go with anything and that you won't end up wearing. Pack one (or two if it's going to be a long trip) extra outfits just in case but not more! And be realistic, if you know you don't wear something at home don't pack it because you're probably not gonna wear it on your vacation either. 
If you are going only for a few days don't pack more than one pyjama because, let's be real, you might spend the whole weekend in you pyjama at home but if you are on vacation you probably won't.

4. Throw everything in your suitcase!!
Just kidding, don't do that. That is not smart. I like to pack my bottoms first as, unless you're bringing fluffy jumpers, they take up more space than my t-shirts or jumpers. Then I pack my jumpers and finally my t-shirts. I leave the t-shirts for the end because if there is no space you can fit them in some wholes between jumpers as they are very thin.
I put my underwear, socks and random thing in these 'pockets' of my suitcase and I leave my make-up bag in top of everything so that I can put on my make up before I go to the airport. 

5. Use a backpack
I take the tube to go to the airport so I never bring a carry on suitcase with me as carrying one heave suitcase around is enough for me but if I really need more space I like to use my backpack, believe it or not you can actually fit A LOT of stuff in it. And I thought it was only to carry books around! However, I much rather travel with only my purse so if I can I will avoid that. 

6. Don't leave everything to the last minute! 
I have to say I am guilty of that as I've found myself packing at 3am in the morning but if you don't want to overpack or forget things don't do that.

What are your tricks to manage to fit everything in your suitcase? 

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  1. Such a sweet post, lovely read, and I love the picture as well. :)

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  2. Lovely post, I always leave the package for the last minute !! :x bad girl haha

  3. Great tips !!! I am going to new york on thursday so also thinking about packing and sharing my tips- I know your tip of not leaving it till the last minute is probably the best bit of advice ! But I am still yet to start packing !

    Lovely post !

    Victoria @ Alf & Emilio

    1. Thanks! I always leave packing to the very last minute and I always regret it! xx



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