Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My favourites: TV Shows

 Hello there. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who likes (I think loves would suit me better…) watching TV shows.  I could literally spend hours and hours watching one episode after the other, literally. I’m sure most of you could… don’t lie.

Something I hate with all my heart is running out of episodes, wanting to watch something but not knowing what because there are no new episodes sucks. It really does. That is why I thought I would share with you my favourite TV shows, so that you don’t have to face that problem (I’m so nice, I know). So here you have my top TV shows:

   Pretty Little Liars, it’s probably my favourite show and yet the most annoying. Not having a clue on what’s going on, or who the hell A is or if someone that seemed lovely is actually a real bitch kills me. But then again, that is what makes this show catchy so if you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for? 

        The Carrie Diaries: I haven’t seen Sex and The City so I can’t compare it to the ‘original’ show. In case you don’t know, TCD is about Carrie’s (yeah,  Carrie from Sex and the City) life when she was a teenager. I personally love the fashion in the show and even if you don’t, seeing Austin Butler’s face makes everything worthwhile.

      The Fosters: The Fosters is about a lesbian couple who has two adoptive kids (one of them being Jake T. Austin, OMG) and one kid from one of the women’s old marriage. On the first episode they meet Callie and Jude (two Foster kids) and that’s when everything starts! 

     The  Vampire Diaries: I’ve been watching that show for two years? I don’t know but for a long time and I’m not bored of it so it must be pretty good.  As you can deduce from the title, it’s about vampires. Also, there’s a human girl involved and some vampire might fall in love with her… twilight 2.0 hah! Not really, TVD is much better and it might even be older than Twilight…

           Keeping Up With the Kardashians: I discovered that show last summer and I haven’t watched all the episodes yet, there are soooo many!! It’s not something I am addicted to or that I watch every day but it’s an entertaining show to watch when you have nothing else to do!

      Teen Wolf: I’ve never been a fan of wolfs or werefolves (yes, I am Team Edward) but you have to check it  out, such a good show! At the beginning the special  effects were rubbish but they’ve gotten better and right now they are pretty decent hah! And Dylan O’Brien has a main role so you can’t say no.

Do you watch any of these TV shows? Which ones are your favourites? 
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  1. i love PLL!

  2. Thank you for your comment ;)
    Your blog is fantastic :)

  3. I love The Fosters!
    I'll have to catch up with Carrie Diaries because this is like the tenth time I heard/read about it x)
    My current fav ones are : Scandal & Once Upon A Time (among lots of others)

    ~ ~

    1. I really wanna start watching Scandal, I've heard so many good reviews! x

  4. ahh TEEN WOLF, the recent few episodes have been an emotional whirlwind for me

    1. I KNOWWW! OMG, I'm still not over them, I just can't believe what happened! Can't wait until the new season is out! xx



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