Monday, 3 February 2014

14 Wants for 2014 || Part 2

Hello there! So, some days ago I posted the first part of 14 Wants for 2014 (you can check it here) and today I am posting the second part!

!4 Wants for 2014 || Part 2

Let's start with  books, because as much as I love clothes and make up, there's nothing I enjoy more than reading a good book. I watched The Mortal Instruments a month ago or so and I quite liked it and the other day a friend of mine told me that the boos were very very good and since we have similar tastes I though I would read them. Problem? They cost money, and I'm poor. Anyway, I'll try to save some money and buy them (or I might just ask my dad for some extra money...)

A few weeks ago I got my first MAC product, which was a lipstick. Now I understand the obsession with them, the quality is amazing and the colours are gorgeous, and, well... getting another one wouldn't hurt me, right?

The next thing I really need to buy as soon as possible is a black skater skirt, I've been trying to buy one for months, since August probably. I know they are everywhere but I can't seem to find one that is not overpriced or too long for me (I'm quite short).

Something I've wanted to try for ages is Benefit's They Are Real Mascara, I've read and heard so many good things about this! It's probably gonna be the next thing I buy! I've also wanted to try benetint, beauty gurus seem to be obsessed with it and I wanna know the reason why. As you can see, I really want to try Benefit make up.

Another thing I want to get for spring/summer is a cool baseball hat, they remind me of Niall and there's a girl in my course that always wears one and it honestly looks so cool, so I wanna get one. A cheap and cool one.

A flower crown. Yes, this is a flower crown. Why do I want a flower crown? because THEY LOOK SUPER CUTE. I'll probably never wear it as I can't really see myself wearing a flower crown around town, people would think I'm crazy and I'm not wearing it to uni either, it would be weird... but I want one to wear around my house and take cute selfies and post them on Twitter and Tumblr. #hipstah

And the last thing I want is fooooood. I wanted to buy Laduree macaroons before going home for Christmas but I didn't check my bank account balance in three months (clever me), until my debit card got rejected and I basically had to survive two days with £10 (it's quite hard when you have no food left in halls and no money in your Oyster card). However, I am gonna try them this term, yes, I know they are overpriced but they have to taste like heaven.

Aaand, so far, that' all I really want to buy/get this year. 

If you could buy anything, anywhere, what would you buy and why? 

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