Tuesday, 28 January 2014

14 Wants for 2014 || Part 1

The other day I was reading some blogs and I saw this post by Katy from what Katy did (make sure to check out her blog) about what she wanted this year, it's not like resolutions, it is more like a wishlist for 2014. I really liked the idea so I thought I would do one as well! 
I tried to do it all at once but then decided that 14 things in one wishlist was too much, so I'm going to do it in two parts. Here you have part 1!! 
2014 wishlist 1


Something I've been wanting to buy ever since I saw it at Tesco is Lucky Charms, why haven't I bought it yet? They are deadly expensive, £4 for a box of cereals... not very appealing but still I'm dying to try these.

As I mentioned in my 'What I got for my 18th Birthday' post, I recently got a Real Techniques brush and I love it so I've been thinking about buying another one.

I've also had my eye on this super cool jumper, apparently it is inspired by Justin Bieber and as I'm not a fan of him I don't know if I should buy it or not but I basically wanted it because I saw it on a friend of mine and I was like 'I NEED THAAT!!'

I've been in need of a new phone case as the one I have now is literally breaking into pieced and this one is super cute! 

Oh dear, how I miss my Vans! My old Vans were so worn out that my mom forced me to left them home and the struggle has been real, I need a new pair ASAP! 

And last but not least, I NEED this shorts in my life NOW! How cool are they? The most beautiful thing I've seen in my whole life after Harry Styles. Good thing? They are only £25. Bad thing? I'm a poor student. I guess I'll have to starve a few days to buy this. Oh well! 

And here you have 7 of my 14 Wants for 2014. I will be posting the second part very soon so keep your eyes open! 

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  1. Hey! That's six items, not seven... Trolling from the distance.

  2. Thanks for the reference! I had to split mine in two as well because I just have too much to say haha. I have the RT blush brush and its great, the way it's shaped makes it really easy to apply blush and blend as well.

    Katy xx

  3. Those shorts are incredible..I definitely need to source those!! :)

    flawedfairytale fashion



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