Thursday, 30 January 2014

Liebster Award!


Hello there! The other day Sam from Tea and Topshop (I must say I love the name of the blog) and Natasha from Natoodle nominated me for a Liebster Award! Yaaay! I thought that instead of doing two posts about the same thing I would do them together. If you don't know, the Liebster Award is an award for blogs under 200 followers, all you do is nominate 11 blogs and ask them 11 questions. 

 Questions from Sam:

1. Which Coffee house is your favourite? (Starbucks, Costa etc.) 

I'm not a coffee lover but I love Starbucks frapuccinos but the christmas beverages from Costa are, hands down, much better than Starbucks'. 

2. Favourite place to shop online?

Probably Urban Outfitters because it is my favourite store and they have some pretty good deals online! 

3. Celebrity style or Street style?

Something in-between? haha

4. Who is your celebrity crush? (Male & Female)

My female celebrity crush is either Cara Delevigne or Kendall Jenner, they are both stunning and I love their style. My male celebrity crush is obviously Harry Styles, I don't need to explain this I think.  

5. Heels or flats?

I'm rather short and I love how I look when I wear heels or wedges but I have to go with flats as they are much more comfortable. 

6. What is your favourite thing to blog about?

Anything related to fashion and beauty but I specially love tags, I think they are so fun and a good way to get to know someone better. 

7. Describe your blog in 5 words.

About fashion, beauty and life. 

8. Name 1 item of clothing you couldn't live without.

Black skinny jeans (winter) and high-waisted denim shorts (summer)

9. Who inspires you?

Fashion-wise, Cara Delevigne and Kylie Jenner. Life-wise, youtubers like Zoella, Bethany, Lindsey...

10. Favourite cosmetic brand?

hmmmm... hard one. I think I'll have to go with Maybelline. 

11. Which era would you love to go back in time to visit for the fashion?

I would love to go back to the 80s, the fashion back then was amazing! This is one of the reasons why I watch The Carrie Diaries to be honest.


Questions from Natasha:

1. Who has been the biggest influence to you in your life?

I never really know what to answer when people ask me this but I guess it has been either my dad or my mom, yeah, probably. 

2. What is your favourite type of sweet/candy?

I have a sweet tooth so I basically like everything but if I had to choose only one I would go with chocolate bars, they are too good to be true. 

3. If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

I would love to either work as a chemist for a brand like Urban Decay or Benefit, or write for Vogue.

4. Who is your celebrity crush?

As I've said before, Cara Delevigne/ Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles.

5. What is your favourite product this week?

I have labs every day this week which means that, even though I wear nitrile gloves, my hands can touch some not very healthy chemicals so my favourite product this week is the Soap & Glory Hand Maid Hand Cleansing Gel. 

6. Do you have any pets? If not, what pet would you like?

Nope, I don't really like animals but I've always wanted to have fishes. Don't ask me why. 

7. What is your favourite colour/make of nail polish?

For winter I love any burgundy colour! And for summer pastels and neon. 

8. What is/was your favourite subject to study at school/college/university?

At high school I really enjoyed philosphy (again, don't ask me why because I've always hate philosophy but for some reason I loved it last year) and chemistry. Now (I study chemistry at uni) I don't have any favourite subject as everything is kind of the same but I really enjoy labs. 

9. Who is your favourite beauty YouTuber?

As you may have noticed throughout this post I suck at choosing only one favourite thing so I'll just say that my favourite youtubers (yes, plural) are Zoella, Meredith and Aspyn.  If you want to know more about my favourite youtubers check out my Favourite Youtubers post. 

10.What is your favourite clothing store?

Again, I have two: Urban Outfitters and Pull&Bear. 

11. What is your top beauty tip?

Try not to look cakey? 



Lazy Thoughts
This is Blog Standard

I know you are supposed to nominate 11 blogs but I couldn't think of more with less than 200 followers. 



1. Favourite blog.
2.If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life where would you go?
3. What's your most worn out item?
4. Foundation or BB cream?
5. Favourite drink for summer and winter?
6.Why did you start your blog?
7. Name one obsession that you have.
8. Winter or summer?
9. Who's your fashion idol?
10. Have you ever been to a fashion show?
11. Where would you  live if you could live anywhere in the world?

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

14 Wants for 2014 || Part 1

The other day I was reading some blogs and I saw this post by Katy from what Katy did (make sure to check out her blog) about what she wanted this year, it's not like resolutions, it is more like a wishlist for 2014. I really liked the idea so I thought I would do one as well! 
I tried to do it all at once but then decided that 14 things in one wishlist was too much, so I'm going to do it in two parts. Here you have part 1!! 
2014 wishlist 1


Something I've been wanting to buy ever since I saw it at Tesco is Lucky Charms, why haven't I bought it yet? They are deadly expensive, £4 for a box of cereals... not very appealing but still I'm dying to try these.

As I mentioned in my 'What I got for my 18th Birthday' post, I recently got a Real Techniques brush and I love it so I've been thinking about buying another one.

I've also had my eye on this super cool jumper, apparently it is inspired by Justin Bieber and as I'm not a fan of him I don't know if I should buy it or not but I basically wanted it because I saw it on a friend of mine and I was like 'I NEED THAAT!!'

I've been in need of a new phone case as the one I have now is literally breaking into pieced and this one is super cute! 

Oh dear, how I miss my Vans! My old Vans were so worn out that my mom forced me to left them home and the struggle has been real, I need a new pair ASAP! 

And last but not least, I NEED this shorts in my life NOW! How cool are they? The most beautiful thing I've seen in my whole life after Harry Styles. Good thing? They are only £25. Bad thing? I'm a poor student. I guess I'll have to starve a few days to buy this. Oh well! 

And here you have 7 of my 14 Wants for 2014. I will be posting the second part very soon so keep your eyes open! 

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

What's in my handbag?

Hello there! Recently, I saw this video of Cara Delevigne showing what's in her handbag and, even though I am obviously not Cara, I thought I would tell you guys what's in mine in case anyone out there is bored and wants to be nosy. 

My handbag is from Zara, I got this for Christmas so they might still sell it but I'm not sure. Unless I'm going clubbing or to uni, I will always use this bag as it's the perfect size for me. Not too big, not too small. And, also, it looks super cool so that's a plus. Okay, so what do I keep inside?

As you can see, I don't keep a lot o stuff. Just some things that may come in handy when you are out and about (and some random stuff as well).

Some things that are ALWAYS in my handbag are my college ID (the white card with my picture on it) and my Oyster card, I can't get into halls, uni, library, labs... without my ID so I pretty much need it every time I go out. I never used to take my Oyster card with me, but after having to buy 6 Oyster cards I've learnt that I should always keep it with me.

I also keep my iPod and earphones as I like to listen to music when I'm alone or in the tube and some make up essentials to touch up my make up during the day. I also like to have some water with me as, even though I don't drink a lot, I tend to get quite thirsty lately. Whilst taking everything out of my handbag I also found my Soap & Glory hand sanitizer and my brown bow that I thought I had lost, so that was good!  

Since London has been rather cold these last days I also have a pair of gloves to keep my hands warm and some pain killers in case I get a headache (I tend to get headaches when I go shopping due to temperature difference). If I remember to lock my room (which is not very often) I also keep my key with me (obviously) and I found some receipts at the bottom of my bag. 

Finally, and probably one of the most important things, I keep my super duper cool wallet that has a super cute fox on it. I got it from Urban Outfitters and a surprisingly affordable price, £24. I keep a bunch of coins/notes, my debit cards, Spanish ID and some random cards in it. 

And that's all I keep in my handbag, what do you like to have always with you?

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Friday, 24 January 2014

New Trainers + how to stay motivated!

I have had the same trainers for, literally, five years. Yeah, five years. What the heck? Don't even ask. The thing is that I've never been a fan of working out so I didn't use them that much. However, they were very very old so I decided to leave them home and buy a new pair in London. Well, after 4 months, I've finally bought a new pair of trainers!

The main reason why it's taken me 4 long months to buy a simple pair of trainers is because I wanted good quality, cute and cheap trainers. Easy, huh? Not really. A couple weeks ago I found these babies for only £35 which is quite good as they originally were £49. 
Also, and that's why I wanted cute shoes, I think that liking your workout outfit makes you wanna work out. I love these so much that when I wake up I'm kind of looking forward to working out just because I get to wear them. So if you don't know what to do to stay motivated, treat yourself and buy a cute pair of trainers. 
Another thing that makes me get out of bed and work out is watching YouTube videos about healthy life styles or fitness, seeing other people running makes me want to run and be healthy. I also like to watch videos whilst I work out, I normally watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show as seeing all these beautiful women encourages me to keep running or whatever I'm doing that day. 
Do you do anything special that helps you get motivated? 
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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Day Out In London || Kyoto Garden

Me and a friend decided to take advantage of this not vert busy first weekend of our second term in uni and go visit something in London. We both were a bit tired so we went somewhere quite near where we live: the Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park. It was probably one of the best gardens I've ever been to, so beautiful! I don't even want to think how gorgeous it will look in spring. If you don't believe me, take a look:

On our way there we saw the Universal Studios and I thought it was cool because... I don't know,  but I took a picture of it! We also saw and old-styled double deck.



Monday, 20 January 2014

What I got for my 18th birthday.

Hello there! A few weeks ago I finally turned 18, which means that I am officially an 'adult' and I can live on my own and all that stuff. To be honest, I wasn't even that excited. I already kind of lived on my own (when I'm at uni obviously) and I didn't need to be 18 to get into clubs at home (even though I must admit that being 17 in London is quite annoying). Also, people seem to super excited about finally being able to drive when they turn 18. Honestly? I'm not looking forward to getting my driving license. I mean, I would like to be able to drive, you are much more independent but having to study and going to driving lesson is what puts me off.

Anyway, birthdays are cool because you get presents! I only tend to get a gist from my parents and one from my friends. However, this year my sister decided she wanted to be the cutest sister on Earth and decided to give me something as well. This is what I got:

The first thing I got was a MAC lipstick. I've wanted one for ages and I finally got it! I'm not gonna really talk about this because I already wrote a post on it so if you wanna check it click here.

The next thing I got was a Real Techniques brush (Expert Facial Brush). I've also wanted this for quite along time and my friends knew it so they got me this and a frame with my favourite pictures of us. Unfortunately I had to leave the frame at home as it didn't fit in my suitcase and I didn't want to break it.

The last thing I got is the 'big thing'. I've been asking for a Michael Kors watch for a year or two but when I told my mom I wanted one I was kind of joking because I know how expensive they are and well, I'm not millionaire. So when I opened the box and saw it was the watch  I had been wanting for such a long time I was the happiest girl alive! Basically, the thing is that I don't like throwing birthday parties so my parents saved a lot of money because most of my friends/people I know spent A LOT on their party. So, my mom decided to spend the money she had saved on the watch of my dreams. I love it with all my heart and I basically wear it even to sleep.

That's all I got for my birthday, I am honestly so thankful I have such an amazing friends and family! Hope you've enjoyed. :)


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cara Delevingne || My girl crush

Hey there! Today's post is going to be about the amazing Cara Delevingne! I've seen Cara in sooooo many catwalks lately I decided to tell you guys why I love her so much and why she is my girl crush.

If you don't know who Cara is (where have you been mate?), she is a very very famous British model. Open any magazine, watch any fashion show and you will find her. Cara has a very "special"face, it isn't the typical "sweet" or "sexy" or "cute" face, it is unique and that's what makes her so special. She captivates you with that look unlike many other models. I personally think that the best model is not the hottest or the sexiest but the most mesmerising, whose face you can't easily forget.

According to Wikipedia (the most reliable source on the Internet):

"Delevingne has featured in advertising campaigns for other brands including H&M Authentic Collection (2011), Dominic Jones Jewellery (2012), BlumarineZara, and Chanel.She was recently described by British Vogue as the "star face" of the autumn/winter 2012-2013 show season, having appeared on the catwalk for brands such as Shiatzy ChenMoschinoJason WuOscar de la RentaBurberryDolce & GabbanaFendiStella McCartney, and Chanel.

To sum it, she has done a lot a lot but a lot of stuff.

One thing that makes her very popular as well is her weirdness. She is not super posh, she is like a teenager that goes around pulling faces, eating junk food (not a lot obviously) and juts likes to mess around. And because of that many young girls look up to her, they don't see a perfect girl walking down catwalks they see someone who is not that different from them

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Top 5 Winter Nail Polishes

I know I haven't posted in a while, sorry, I had finals and I was going crazy, all day studying but... THEY ARE OVER! Yaaay!

Anyway, nail polishes are probably one of my many obsessions. I remember I got into them a few years ago when I started buying really weird and bright colours, well I still buy them but I have more variety now. I decided to do this post on my favourite nail polishes for winter because, lately, I feel like winter is coming to an end. Why? I don't know. It's still freezing in London and we still have a few months left of winter but that's just the way I feel! Maybe it's because we've had like 5 or 6 sunny days in a row, which doesn't happen very often! However, let's get started!

One of my all time favourite colours for winter is, simply, black. It is a very versatile colour that will go with any outfit and any style. Also,  I like adding some glittery top coat but I left mine at home so I'll have to buy another one. Oh well!

Manhattan Quick Dry nail polish in 1010N

Another favourite of mine is  this beautiful matte burgundy colour. It's so pretty and even though the matte effect doesn't really convince me I love it!

Barry M Matte nail polish in Crush

Next, we have a beautiful shade of pink, almost nude. When I first saw it I thought 'pink' but now I think about it more as a nude shade as you can't really tell I have nail polish on when I'm wearing this one.

Random nail polish that I got in a magazine

I also love this Topshop crackle top coat. The effect you get is pretty awesome and I always get compliments on it, the only bad thing? I never know which colour to use under it!

Topshop Crackle Nails in Black Dynamite

And finally, to brighten up the cloudy and gloomy days, I love this bright pink. I consider it a summer/spring shade but I  do really miss the sun (even though today is sunny! yaay! me is happy) when I'm in London so I like wearing this!

Manhattan Quick Dry nail polish in 53F
And these are my favourite shades for winter, which are yours?


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub

I've been looking for a blackhead clearing scrub for ages! I've tried so many products I can't even remember all of them, but none of them seemed to work for me.  A while ago I went grocery shopping at Tesco and I saw this product. I had been thinking of buying it for a while so I decided to give it a go.

The product claims to lift away dirt and oil and you see fewer blackheads after one wash and I have to say that it does. After the first use you actually see less blackheads and your skins feels soooo soft and clean.

On the back it says you have to apply it twice a day, I don't do that. I feel like twice every day is a bit too much so I only apply it before going to bed. Anyway, the product is not very aggressive so if you want to use it more times it is perfectly fine.

Also, even though it is not very important, it smells very good! As you may know, I am very bad at describing scents but I think it smells like apples, maybe? haha! I told you I am quite bad. However, it is a fresh scent that makes you feel even better after using it.

I can't remember the exact price but it was something around £3 which is not bad as it does its work so if you want to clean your skin  you should try this scrub!


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My first ever MAC product!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you all have had a wonderful 2013 and have had a great start of 2014.

Last Monday I turned 18! Woohooo! I can go to jail now! I hope that never happens.... Anyway, I've been wanting a MAC lipstick  for ages but I never got to buy it as I felt like it was a bit expensive. My sister knows my obsession about make up and how badly I wanted a MAC lipstick so she got me one! Isn't she the best sister in the whole world? She's only 11 so it is the first proper present she has ever given to me. I could not love her more.

She let me choose the colour, at first I thought of getting a dark red/burgundy colour but then I saw this gorgeous pink and I couldn't resist it, I had to get it. It's more of a summery colour but oh well!  I haven't used it yet but before buying it I tried the tester out and I put it on, it looked so good and I'm sure it will look even better in summer when I'm tan.

I've never had an 'expensive' lipstick, I've used Rimmel London and Manhattan but they are rather cheap compared to MAC so I was a bit impressed by how long it lasted on my lips. It didn't wear off when I ate or drunk and it stayed on since I put it on until I took a shower.

Another thing that I love about this lipstick is the smell, I suck at describing smells but I'm gonna try. I would say it smells like caramel, hot chocolate and vanilla. It's definitely a very sweet smell.

All in all, even though at first you might think that MAC lipstick are a bit pricey, it's definitely worth it!


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