Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What Is It? || Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas' Eve everybody!! It's finally December, 24th and almost time to open our presents! If you are subscribed to many YouTubers (like me) you might have seen the 'Whats Is It Challenge', for those of you who don't know what it is, it basically consists on closing your eyes and someone makes you touch something and you have to guess what it is. You can touch, smell, even taste it if you want to. I came up with my own version of this challenge:  guessing what the christmas presents under the tree are and who they are for (if they don't have any tag on them).  Here we go!

1. As you all can see this is a Victoria's Secret bag so it has to be either underwear or perfume. I know it's a gift set with perfume and body lotion because I bought it lol but you could probably guess if you see that there is a box inside and not something fluffy.

2. I didn't buy this one so I don't know what it is. It's Zara's wrapping paper so it's something from that store. I would say it's probably a handbag as the bag is rather wide but I don't know. I'm guessing it's for me as I'm pretty sure my sister will get a phone this Christmas and my dad doesn't really like Zara. 

3. I bought this present but, obviously, it's something from Hollister. Probably clothes as the bag should be smaller if it was perfume or body spray. 

4. I also bought this one! lol. You would say it's something from Urban Outftters, probably some accessory as the bag is rather small. YOU'RE WRONG! It' actually a lip balm from Claire's but I found this little bag and I used it because I didn't want to wrap it (I suck at wrapping). 

5. I honestly have no idea what this is or who it is for. I think it might be a jumper or something like this as it's quite fluffy and it's too big to be a t-shirt. It could be for anyone, I don't know but I'm gonna say for my dad. 

6. These are socks! I'm sure of that and I guess it's for my dad. 

7. Inside of this cute little bag there is a box. I know my sister wanted a phone this Christmas and this kind of feels like a phone-size box so I guess she's getting what she wanted. Lucky her!

8. I bought this one as well. By the size and the shape you would say it's something like a book and you would be kind of right, it's an agenda! 

9.I also bought this one! haha I know, I bought  a lot of presents this year, I went kind of crazy. This is a hot water bottle with a cover that says 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal', I thought it was cool! haha! 

And that's it for today! Have you tried guessing what's under your christmas tree? 

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  1. Merry Christmas!

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