Sunday, 15 December 2013

Airport outfit!

I seriously don't undersand these people who travel in heels and the most uncomfortable clothes you could ever imagine. You are going to be sat in a plane for a few hours or maybe for several hours, why on earth would you wear uncomfy clothes?

I am flying back home on Monday and even though the flight is only around 2 or 3 hours, I like to be as comfortable as possible. I've already packed so I know what I'm wearing tomorrow and it's something very similar to this, so I can assure you this outfit is VERY comfy.

Airport oufit

I might not want to wear heels but I still want to look cute. Leggins are quite similar to black jeans but much more stretchy and they kind of feel like pajamas, so it's a win win. Pair them with a cool baggy tee and add some thick cardigan to keep you warm. If it's very cold where you live you could also add a scarf and maybe a beanie if your hair doesn't look very good that day. As for shoes you could either go for a pair of Converse/Vans or a pair of combat boots. I went for combat boots because the take up much more space in the suitcase and I didn't much free space in mine. You also want to take a small bag or a backpack with you so you can keep your essentials with you!


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  1. Really cute outfit! I never know what to wear to the airport, but I really like these bits and pieces!



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