Saturday, 28 December 2013

18th Birthday Wishlist!

I am turning 18 in a few days!! I don't know whether to be happy or sad to become an 'adult'. I think I am more sad than happy to be honest, but oh well! I never know what to ask for my birthday but I've been thinking about it for quite a long time and I managed to put together a few things:

Some of these things were already in my christmas wishlist but as I didn't get them I thought I wouldn't give up and ask them for my bday. 

I've been wanting a Michael Kors watch for over a year and now that my mom has one I love them even more, unfortunately they are deadly expensive so I doubt I'll get one but I had to try! I've also been wanting a Naked palette for a while, I don't really care if it's the Naked basics or the Naked 1, 2 or 3, they are all quite similar. 

I was about to buy a MAC lipstick last summer when I went to London but I didn't as it kind of hurts me to spend £15 in a lipstick but at the same time I really want one. Such a dilemma! Also, I wouldn't mind getting a Chanel lipstick but I think they are a bit more expensive so I'm happy with a MAC one. 

And last but not least I would love to get a new pair of Vans. I bought ones two summers ago but they are so worn out that my mom doesn't let me wear them anymore! haha! So getting a new pair would be quite nice! 

And that's it, that's my 18th bday wishlist! What would you ask for you birthday? 

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